Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The End of Days, Part I: Four Days of Whirlwind Fun in Midtown

Summer is almost at an end.

I know, I know.  ::boohiss::

Or in my case, "Woo! Hooray! Good show!"

Ahem.  I will collect myself now, I promise.

I am still writing to you via magical mysteries and all that as my computer is still down, but there was much that happened in the past few weeks to close out the Summer.  For the next few days, I will be writing about all our other adventures had but today it's all about our time spent with Rennie Friennie.

On Thursday, Andrea Bocelli performed at Central Park for a free concert.  It seems that everyone and their mother got tickets for that thing except for poor H1.

But all was not lost because at least Rennie, her husband J.J. and her Mom got tickets to go and out of that - a four day hectic trip to Manhattan.

It was four days of fun for us from a dinner to Connolly's with drinks and great company (we got to see A & J, and A's Momma too!) on Wednesday night, Ruth's Chris with yummy ribeye steaks and amaretto sours on Friday night, Billy Elliott The Musical with some good ol' 2006 HOchie's favourite Ponsgri, and a massive ass Street Fair with some Shake Shack on Sunday (the last bit was unfortunately not enjoyed by Rennie Friennie & Co. but there's always a next time!).


I didn't even show you pictures yet!

For the first day of our adventures, we did not get to see the Kirby Ice-Cream truck.  Apparently, it was driving around the city giving free ice-cream bars and a chance to demo the new Kirby game for the DS, Kirby's Mass Attack.

I may not have gotten some ice-cream or see the glory of the bright pink truck with lots of Kirbys all over the sides but I did get a slap in the face.

As I was leaving the office on Wednesday, I did encounter someone's tossed away Kirby's Mass Attack bookmark.  What?! Stop throwing freebies away guys! Stop it! I would have appreciated it, you ungrateful bastards!

So it was a little bit junky but dispose of it properly, why don't you?
After catching up with friends with burgers and beer at Connolly's on 45th, H1, Luuiiiiissss and I walked to the parking garage.  It was a clear night in the city - perfect for a stroll through the bustling activity of NYC under all the bright lights.

A beautiful night ruined by some white pants.  Ugh.

Under the Winikoff.  It's a wonderful sight inside and I'm sorry I did not take a picture.  The Lion King scared me away.

Unfortunately, this beautiful building side was shot with  poor focus.

H1 says we have to go here some time.  Famous but is the food really that awesome?
H1 made things scary by taking this picture.  She enjoys giving everyone nightmares.

On Friday, we ate ourselves silly with Ruth's Chris.  I have been to a few steakhouses  in the past and they were all quite good but it just so turned out that I've been to this one three times now.  The steak is awesome but what covered and cooked in butter would not be? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical.

It's Ruth's Chris, can you tell?
Surprisingly, the shoestring fries were not a hit this night.  They weren't crunchy and most disappointing but what was absolutely fabulous other than the potatoes au gratin, were the desserts.  Everyone in our party went crazy over some bread pudding in a whiskey cream sauce but I thought it too sweet.  I am not sure how anyone is supposed to eat one of those on their own because it was HUGE but I would like to discuss the berries in sweet cream.

Oh.  My.  Glob.

I did not take pictures because I did not want to be a nuisance but I regret not being a nuisance! If only I could have captured beautiful pictures of that sweet cream which was just a pure, amazing custard.  Hopefully in a few weeks, I can do this again thanks to Aims.  Right, Aims?

Saturday, Rennie Friennie did not necessarily want to go take in a play with her Mom.  But that's okay because it afforded H1 and I the opportunity to see one.  We went to the ultra-fabulous Billy Elliott.  H1 and I had not seen this greatness on Broadway before and our boy who played Billy was damned amazing.  Guiseppe Bausilio is so talented but I guess you kinda have to be.  That still does not make him any less incredible!

That's not Guisseppe on the cover.

Good show, ol' bean.
The musical itself was surprisingly fun and I enjoyed it plenty.  I did not go in there expecting a ton since I did not know too much about it beforehand.  Of course, as H1 and I find with most plays/musicals, the second half is usually such an afterthought.  The majority of the great songs and story occurs in the first half and then the second is usually mostly dull.  Such was the case with Billy Elliott as well.  As H1 says, this musical had both the best scene she has ever seen in the Michael and Billy dress scene and the worst scene she has ever seen in the "Angry Dance" at the end of Act I.

We both agree that to date, Wicked is the worst musical or play that we have seen.   We'll call it overrated because it was.

I won't say much about Pongsri other than we have not been in some time and even though we have tried other Thai restaurants in the last year or so, Pongsri remains our favourite.  That's not to say the others do not have one or two specialties that are better but as an overall experience, Pongsri has yet to be beat.  Also, it was a hit with our friends and that made us quite pleased.

Finally on Sunday, NYC proves to be the greatest city ever.  At least, in my humble opinion, the greatest city I have ever had the good fortune to experience.

Maybe I am biased because I have lived in NY for some while but there's always something going on in this city at ever given moment and it's fantastic.  Sure there are your crazies and your tourists who annoy to no end but just this Sunday, there was a Street Fair going on that stretched from probably 42nd to 59th Street on 8th Avenue.

What is that guy eating so intently?
I feel like this could be the scene of a zombie apocalypse and that guy on the bike does not stand a chance.

It was a blue sky, cool day and you could see clear down the streets with skyscrapers lining the sides and it was just gorgeous.  From 50th looking northward, we could see the statue at Columbus Circle and the streets were buzzing with activity from multiple food stalls to jewelry stalls and clothing stalls.

We bought kettle corn (exciting I know.  I'm bitter because no one gave me any), bought some jewelry and a very special little froggy friend.

The fun part is the rummaging.
There are fun things in all this mess.
Our yet to be named froggy friend (or maybe that is just what his name is) is the coolest thing H1 and I have seen in some time.  He's so cute! He makes noises like a little tree frog and I forsee fun in the future scaring some people.

Awww, so cute, right?

The little stick is vital to noise making.  Plus it's his toy.  Don't question it.

Of course, burgers at Shake Shack continue to impress and again, I have to find another opportunity to take a picture of the awesome times.

Instead, have a shot of the store front at night.

Nice one, H1.

Hmm, not as nice one on my part.
We were sad when our friends left, but we were content they got to do quite a bit during their stay and we hope they come back soon.  There's lots to do outside of Midtown too and we look forward to the next time.


  1. Asses with eyes!!!

    - H1, blinded. and not by Hubris.

    Wv: rencench. as in rank/renk (very Trini of you), "cee u next tuesday" wenches.

    I agree Bloggie. You have a way with words.

  2. H1, usually blinded by hubris but not this time.

    Bloggie has a way with words and does not mince words.


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