Sunday, July 01, 2012

A Lego Story

I built my first prefabricated Lego set last weekend.

Is that some sort of blasphemy on my part?

Lego sets are cool but the HOchieS had some lego bricks back in the day when the pine trees were the coolest spiral shaped things ever, and most everything you built was left to your imagination.

I don't recall having the instructions to build movie and television franchised sets back then.  I'm not sure Lego existed in that capacity as it does now.  It's rather brilliant and a little sad on some level, perhaps.

But I can report that it was lovely fun building last weekend.  It was such fun that I am considering buying everyone Lego sets for Christmas.  It's a sort of calming thing and I am impressed by the genius of Lego Engineers.  I don't know what you call the people who think up the construction of these things but I'm sticking with "Lego Engineers".

There have been some amazing sets from Lego but I never have space for anything and the last thing I need is more toys or something else to obsess over.  ReallyI don't.

But as with all my obsessions, they start somewhere.  It's usually a villain in an anime, or video game or in this case, that blasted Joss Whedon and his The Avengers, a certain Brit, and one bad-assed Agent Coulson.

I decided to start small and with $20 later, an hour or so of my life spent dealing with tiny bits of super heroes and a very helpful BooHead, I finished the Lego set "Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape".

There is in fact a demented looking Lego Hawkeye driving Loki around.
For some reason Iron Man was included in this box and I guess they did not think Loki could sell it on its own.  Well, that's crazy talk! ...or I speak crazy.  I don't know but the other thing that sold me on it was the fact that it involved S.H.I.E.L.D.  They could not very well include a mini-figure of Agent Coulson because he is just too awesome to include in any Lego set and I understand.  The world would implode.

However, I got Reindeer Games and I'm very happy with him.

What's that? You say that I should kneel before my King? Hey, sure.  No need for mind gems.  I shall comply.
Pfffttt.  You are a little bit...tiny, though.  I might crush your little skull.  And the cosmic cube.  Which looks an awful lot like a piece of plastic.  Chortled?! No, I did no such thing.  Never.
The evil geniuses at Lego have also released Lego Lord of the Rings sets which has me wanting to collect all the filthy Hobbitses.  Well, I don't have space in The Shire that is my room for all of their kind so for now, I've got my grubby, tiny carnie hands on a precious Frodo (with the most amazing face ever), Samwise, Shelob and the most awesome Gollum complete with fish.

I'm hoping to add a Merry and Pippin to my collection but what I really want is a Cave Troll and a Ringwraith because I'd feel that much safer at night with those around, you know?

Well, things can never go smoothly for me and there was a bit of a mishap and crossed Genres today when Iron Man decided he need to play fabulous and attack the Shelob.

Yeah, so that...

...was a little stoopid.

aaannnd, it didn't end well.
I did not stick around to find out what happened to Finn the human (why he was even in the mix, I don't know but an Adventure Time lego set would be nothing short of incredible.  Think about it! The Tree House? The Candy Kingdom? Peppermint Butler? LSP.  Oh My Glob!).  This scene seemed familiar but I recall Jake being involved.

If you also noticed, there are a few bodies of...hobbits lying about.  Try not to think about it too much.
Also, I don't think the Shelob was saying hi to you, Finn.  I'm just saying.

The Shelob is quite impressive but building all its eight legs was a little tedious so much so I wanted to perpetrate a hoax and claim that all arachnids have but two legs.  However, putting together the abdomen and being able to see the detail of the handiwork of the Lego Engineers was quite interesting.

So who wants some Lego sets for Christmas? It's a stress reliever! And a good time? And the possibilities are endless.

Currently listening to: "Crying Lightning" by Arctic Monkeys.

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