Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leeron, Reno and Rude

Just taking pictures of some of the new members of the tiny army I've been building.


Leeron's job will be to contribute to the 'brains' of Operation "OP", while repairing various technologically advanced 'items' in the room, explaining things in simple terms to the less intelligent in the lot and adding some much needed flair to my group of misfits.

He's always thinking! About what? Oh, various things, I'm sure.

Look at that sly smile. Suddenly, I no longer want to know what various things he may be thinking of.

That's a nice looking rock upon which his robot sits upon, yes?

I'm very impressed by this Konami figumate figure. The detail is incredible.


Ah yes, a nice addition to the team but mostly for nostalgia value. We all know they sucked and that Tseng ran The Turks! Bughie J. might comment that it was really Elena. Or was it that she just provided entertainment? Well, whatever it was... I wish I had a Tseng and a Rufus. Oh, when will that day come...

Reno, looking like a smug ass as per usual.

Rude... not looking like anything is going on in the noggin' at all, as per usual.

Currently listening to: the rain falling outside.


  1. Hmm, Elena may have been a little too, um, inexperienced (scatter-brained) to run the stylish show of shenanigans that was the Turks... unless it was all a put on... hmm. She was darned cute though, and Cloud should have hooked up with her, rather than those two floozies. You'd never catch sweet Elena hanging around any Honeybee Manor! Or running off with your materia!

    And why don't you wish to have Elena!?

  2. Have you forgotten that Cloud was also hanging around the Honeybee Manor?
    Wait..umm..it's all coming back to me! Arrrgghhh! The horror!

    My point is... (let me collect myself here)... Cloud himself was a floozie!

    Don't forget Elena was floozie enough to be snatched away by the Don! And that's why I don't wish I had her! I don't like floozies!

    As for Materia stealing, that's an art that should not be frowned upon.

    Now I wish I had a Yuffie...How come I don't?


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