Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Just Like Old Times"

Bunji has been living with us for some weeks now and we've been bonding.

The first week, we watched various movies together. It's more that he would watch a movie and I'd feel sorry that he was watching by himself, so I'd join him and stay up way too late.

I saw bits and pieces of Die Hard 4, Room 201, and Hero. Oh, sorry H1, JET LI's Hero.

I also got him into Flight of the Conchords and Burn Notice.

It's been fun bonding with him (H1, you bond too so no need for shart!) as it's been some time since we've spent this much time together.

It's also been some time since we've played the gore-filled, scary Zombie fest known as Resident Evil together.

Back in 1997, along with the purchase of our first console (yeah, we had a Commodore 64 and were damned proud and still are) the glorious Sony Playstation, we bought only two games.

Soul Calibur and Final Fantasy VII, were soon followed by the purchase of Tekken and Resident Evil (in 1999 or so?).

There's a special place in my heart for all those games... I got my ass beat as Li Long by Mitsu(bunji)rugi in Soul Calibur. Then I switched to Hwang and kicked a little ass but it wasn't long before Taki the Bunji came along and amped it up and destroyed me some more.

In Tekken, I got Kazuya Poor Me Mishima's ass handed to me by Heihachi Bunji Mishima.

Final Fantasy VII was played by just me, so no memories of Bunji to share there (but oh are there memories to share of Papa HOchie laughing his ass off while I got my ass falling off the top of the runaway train. Thanks for the support Papa Hochie).

And then there was Resident Evil.

The voice acting was nothing short of classic with such lines as "Don't Oh-pEn ThAT doOR!" and the "You are Dead" was amazingly to the point and shamed you.

But the best part about Resident Evil and the RE games to come after it from 1 through 3 (Thanks for buying me the best and only Valentine's gift ever, Papa HOchie. I'll never get rid of my bloody Valentine RE2!) was the time invested in those games, spent with Bunji.

We would always play late at night. All the lights would be off and we would be terrified.

The zombies were slow-moving and particularly funny was that one who lived near the stairs.

And particularly funny was the fact that we jumped in fright at the same dog jumping out of the interrogation room double window, not once but twice. Though now I'm not too clear, was it a dog or a licker? Because those things scared the beejeebus out of us too in RE2! There definitely was a dog jumping out of some window though that also scared us.

A Note on Lickers: I love their ugly selves, especially my Pet Licker!

I would be Bunji's guide. Back in the day when we bought the Brady games Strategy Guides (who buys those things now? If you get stuck, it's called the Internet...not only great for porn), I'd lead Bunji through the dark corridors of the mansion, tell him to run from the zombie crows and whine with fear when he would throw the controller at me to get him back to his last save point after getting destroyed during game play and assholishly telling me to "don't waste my ammo".

You know, as if I could run past a turtle moving zombie without getting killed. It was impossible back then!

And then when he told me to get past Nemesis in RE3... Well, I almost peed my certainly plaid pants I was wearing.

Things have changed these past few days.

But not really.

I bought him Resident Evil 5.

There's a co-op mode.

Why, oh why.

The first two nights he played, everything was as it used to be.

We played late at night, it was quiet and dark and I watched as he tried to familiarize himself with the new control settings of the PS3.

He managed to botch two missions - first getting the shotgun (yeah, we totally missed that rubbish hanging on the wall) and took the hard route blowing up the second boss. Instead of letting him hang on to the canisters while IN the furnace, we used them as firepower and not just as a stunner. Heh, let us just say that was amusing.

We told H1 this story the morning after and she made fun of us, but made even more fun when Bunji said he'd like me to play.

"Don't let her play! She couldn't even see the Elephant in that game she played with Beetchie!" H1 told Bunji.

Shut up, Beetchie.

Because it was funny, here's what happened while Beetchie and I were playing Dynasty Warriors 3:

Beetchie: Elephant, Beetchie!
Or 2: Elephant? What elephant? I don't see any Elepha...::RAMPAGE::

And thus my character went flying off his horse and off the screen as a rather large elephant (some may argue that all elephants are large) plowed through me and I just didn't see it.

Anyway, in spite of the laughing and despite the warning, we gave Co-Op mode in RE5 a go last night.

I failed him just like he already knew.

I think though, that I can get used to this and although I'm still terrified of zombies, especially these that are infected with some virus that gives them a Rage type reaction ie makes them ultra-fast and ultra-difficult to waste, Bunji and I had fun.

Man, I sure miss that T-Virus. Things were simple back then and zombies crawled slowly.

What I don't miss is how damned scary RE1 was. Resident Evil 5 plays more as an action/survival game but is not as scary as the gloomy, darkly lit halls of the mansion in Resident Evil 1.

The noises of RE5 are mostly angry voices in the distance and no longer the sounds of squelching of zombie flesh feasting and the music used to get so much more intense and eerie sounding in RE1. Let us not forget that I can never listen to the "Moonlight Sonata" again thanks to that effin' game.

I'm gearing up for Saturday night's game play.

Currently listening to: "Wake Up Hate" by Korn.


  1. you forgot to mention that you two also now bond by watching powerpuff girls together. and laugh. hysterically. I heard him last night..

  2. Yeah man, Powerpuff Girls is still goo'd times.
    The only sad thing is that we didn't see an episode with HIM.

  3. But how come you said nothing of my pet Licker?

  4. bc it grossed me out so I bypassed the other pics of it. I have to sleep tonight you know!!

  5. Bwahahahahaha.

    He's hanging out in front of my tv. How do you think I feel? He's the last thing I'll see before bed.

  6. ::Making zombie noises:: BeetchieSun Mar 22, 08:18:00 PM 2009

    Haha, I actually do heart your little pet licker. I find them less scary than the zombies. And yes, I agree with H1, if you fail to see an elephant, how would you fare in a horror survival game? Yep, you would fare as a feast to the walking undead. It's okay though B, I can't play those games either. And I agree Moonlight Sonata will never be the same for me either...

  7. Please support the Licker arts! Donate to LiP ClaP (Lickers Playing Classical Piano) today! For every donation of $10 or more, receive this limited edition album featuring 6 creepy variations of the Moonlight Sonata!

    1) Moonlight Sonata (Two Licker Tongues Duet Version)
    2) Moonlight Sonata (Bloody Claws with Torn Jill Skin on Them Version)
    3) Moonlight Sonata (Don't My Brains Look Nice? Extended Version)
    4) Moonlight Sonata (Played Backwards and Upside Down Version)
    5) Moonlight Sonata (On Piano Prepared with Various S.T.A.R.S. Members Body Parts)
    6) Moonlight Sonata (Radio Edit, feat. Lisa)

  8. I'll donate $10! Because I would like to hear track 3, which just sounds fabulous to me.

    But wait...I retract.

    I hate that song. Stop trying to trick me!

  9. Lisa, having been subjected repeatedly to all of Umbrella's viruses, spends much of her time hanging around the mansion cemetery in the RE1 Remake. She often tries to play games with you, mainly those involving stealing your ammo and bashing your head in with the manacles she is made to wear. Oh, and she likes to sing as she drags herself to and fro: "oooOOOhhhh... OoooOOOoohhh...." and so forth. How could Licker turn up a chance to work with her?


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