Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Zombies, More Debacles

There was a panic attack.

You'd panic too if a chainsaw weilding zombie was chasing you! I couldn't think straight to get my gun out to blast through the heavy duty chained pad lock... instead I tried cutting it with a knife, and the zombie cut off me 'ead with a chainsaw. See? Another year, another incident involving my being knicked in me 'ead. Tch.

There was a Zombie Field Day.


Bunji and I must have had a hundreds of them to slay only to be slain multiple times ourselves, while they rode after us on their bikes through the deep Kalahari...uh, Savannah.

There was a boat.

He says I can't drive the boat. He lies. I am still awesome. I don't see me driving us into flambeau throwing zombies!

There were two gators.

Gators? They'll pick you off your raft and eat you. That's why I'm never going to the FL Everglades, or Kikuju in RE5.

There were chickens.

Zombie chickens or regular chickens that will peck you if provoked? Yeah...I'm pretty sure they were just regular chickens and we got what we deserved for trying to cut them for their eggs.

Currently listening to: "Mama Minku" by Tsuyoshi Sekito, from the Brave Fencer Musashiden Original Soundtrack. Well, Well. Minku... man, I love them. That game needs to be released for the psp or ds. I'd be all over it! That and original Ape Escape. Oh hells yes.

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