Saturday, March 28, 2009


The HOchieS do not understand why our "fortunes" were trying to make us bind our feet!

Excuse me?

Stop trying to get me to stick to a regiment!

The best Cactuar line from FFX came from that one Cactuar, a line that H1 has adopted as her very own mantra is "Hard on others; Easy on Self". Well, wouldn't you know it, she got a fortune that fits her:

The good thing about these fortunes though is that they teach me valuable words that I will need to know when the trip to China is made:

Uh huh. What I need to know next is to how to ask if something is durian, so that I may avoid it.

That's nice to know because now I can throw that in there to let people know that that's what durian does to me, in addition to making me nauseous.

Well then, now I'm all set! Just in case there's a miscommunication and the durian tries to do me in, at least I can mutter this to be revived!

Currently listening to: "STEP UP" by Iwasaski Taku feat. Lotus Juice, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack 2. Oh, Justin Law... how I heart thee, and your rap/rock listening ways. I am so happy with this right now. Thanks Bughie J.!


  1. ...and this is why you're a "faux-asian"...learning the language of da'motherland via fortune cookies!? For shame.

  2. Shush! I don't see you trying to bring me out of ig'nance. Wait, you not even from the Main Land. Fortune Cookie Training for me it is.


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