Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things, Series 1

I am a collector.

Enid Blyton books, sea shells, stamps in a stamp dollies?

It was clear from very early on that I was a super nerd who enjoyed flipping through the colourful flags of the world section of our Collier's Encyclopedias (and learning too, might I add).  Not only was I a History nerd but I liked the collection of stuff all neatly laid out alphabetically by country.

I remember panic set in when I became displaced.  The initial immediate concern for me was how to carry all my stuffed animals from one country to the next.

Later on I realized what the most important thing about leaving the island was, which of course are the doubles, but back then, it was how best to fit all my physical memories of my friends into the suitcases.

With some clever packing and some surprises later to the HOchie Parents who had no idea, the original Army of Misfits made it to the U.S. unharmed, if not a little bit suffocated.

The Not-So-Menacing Army of Misfits.

Those pictured have been whittled down to the ones I absolutely had to have sitting on my shelf still.  Not all traveled from another country but joined as the most beloved of my stuffed friends.

These particular animals are reminders of our friends, of happy times and of The HOchieS' downright weirdness.

In case you have not noticed by now, unless it was given to us, we have a tendency "to save" the awkward looking beasts.

Take Exhibit A for instance...

 Exhibit A: Kramer Cabott.

Kramer Cabbott was given to me by Alanni.  He's got crazy wonk eyes, and I could not pull him out to showcase his full glory for fear of a Fallen Army.

His shocking pink colour, crazy eyes and roundness give him personality.  Rabbits should never look that uninterested in anything yet strangely murderous but Kramer still manages it all.

Exhibit B: George Funk Doobiest, Funky Dinosaurus

In case anyone was wondering, the comma is intentional.  The pause is necessary for one with such an amazing name.  Dinosaurus is also pronounced "deenosauraus".

George Funk Doobiest, Funky Dinosaurus brings up another invaluable piece of information - not only are our animals sometimes strange (Sad fact: George's neck has always been *slightly* broken)  but they also must have bad-assed names.

I love George.  Also given to me by Alanni, George is an Original and one of my favourites along with our next Misfit...

Exhibit C: Hobbes

Not abnormal in any way, Hobbes holds a special place along with George for me.  Named after the world's greatest peanut butter sandwich eating Tiger, Hobbes was given to me by Kells.  I have not spoken to her in many years but I am still fond.  I wonder if she remembers Hobbes?

Also, Hobbes of Calvin and Hobbes fame reminds me of Clee and Andy Pandy.  It also reminds me that H1 and Andy Pandy are lame.  "A Toast to us" kind of lame.

This also reminds me...where the heck is Riget?  He must be hiding in the pile.

 Exhibit D: *Names Protected for Identity Purposes*

I laugh every time I see them.  The orange one belongs to H1 and the white to me.  If you are wondering what they are, you will have to keep wondering.  Their names reveal a secret which I cannot divulge here.  All I can say is, they were given to us by our favourite TD5. 

Exhibit D (i)

We love them very much, even though it appears the white one has seen and smelt better days.

 Exhibit E: Herman

Exhibit E (i)

If you thought White and Orange *Identities Protected* were strange, you now know there is Herman, who to me is even stranger.

Though as I was taking pictures of Herman, it occurred to me.  Herman's a dog.  You don't see it from the picture but he is just a bell-shaped thing.  Having him in hand all these years never gave hint that he was a dog, but as I was looking at him straight on through the camera, it dawned on me.

He's a normal, purple bell-shaped dog who squeaks when shaken.

Exhibit F: Weasel

There was a time when Weasel Balls were all the rage.  I would like to make clear that my Weasel plus ball is much cooler than any you may have had.  Firstly, his name is pronounced "Veaselle".  He's German.  He never worked quite right, and looks a little bit like a deer caught in the headlights.

Exhibit F (i)

I suppose if you were made to carry around a giant ball, you too would plead to be released from your Atlas designed torture.

Exhibit F (ii)

Weasel was given to me by The HOchie Parents.

Exhibit G: Eenie-Minnie Gelatini

For the last entry of My Favourite Things Series, I am presenting you with something vintage.  Eenie-Minnie Gelatini came from the faraway place of Submit 3 Box Tops for a Surprise Toy Land.  I do not know the company (was it Jello?) but I suspect he is the last of his kind.

My wonderful Anj gave him to me and I have kept him safe ever since.  Though his eyesight grows dim (the sunken in bits may have had something to do with the oncoming blindness), his hearing has become incredibly keen.  What's this?  He hears his next meal and readies himself for a feast.  Let us look in at this ancient specimen on Safari.

The drums? Are they calling taxi? 
He definitely hears something.

I personally think he sees just fine still.


I best get Herman out of harm's way.

That's that for my *early* toy years.

More in the Favourite Things Series to come...

Currently listening to: "The Divine Spirit of Language" by Motoi Sakuraba, from the Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Original Soundtrack.


  1. Eenie-Minnie and I may be related....

  2. I used to have TWO weasel balls, but since Mulligan came to live with us, all I have are BALLS! I have been told this by many people.
    "Judie," they say to me, "You've got balls!"
    I rest my case.

  3. X, suddenly it all makes a lot of sense. I was wondering why his spirit was so familiar.

  4. Those weasels are deader than dead. I was out in the back yard after a brief shower and saw what I thought to be a dead packrat. It turned out to be one of the weasels that Mulligan had dragged outside and left in the rocks. Poor weasel! he looked pretty bedraggled after the rain!

  5. Who is this Mulligan, Slaughterer of Weasels?

    And why is he so awesome?


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