Thursday, September 09, 2010

H1's Birthday Loot

One day, I'll need to reflect on the loot she got to remember what not to get her.  And this is why I post!

From X, Mk & Moodou.  
How very pink of them!

From Sons.  A friendship ring.  Awww.  
Really though, any frenemie rings for sale?

Black and white diamonds butterflee pendant, 
from Luuuiiiissss and BH.

The Birthday Box.  A new tradition I started this year.  If it fits in the box, you can get it as a present.  I'm thinking when my birthday comes, that's a whole lot of DS and PS3 games that could fit in there.  Woohoo!

From Or 2:

Green tea and something something Japanese bath salts.

More Japanese bath salts.  I think.

What the...?!

My eyes! My EEEYYYEESSS! But..those paws are pretty damned cute.


Not one, but FOUR Nyanko-Sensei plushies.  
Except, one is black.  Kuroneko-Sama? Nyaw.

Ah, Matt Smith.  I heart you and your 11th Doctor Self.  
Great shirt from a Tee Fury artist.  Why, it's even got Tardis on it.  
That's the sign of something cool.  Bow Ties are cool.

And of course the thing most deadly and fantastic, a Dalek.  

It's even got Menacing Dalek Motion.  
Now that's terrifyingly awesome.

 And this, from Bunji.  Best present of the day? Cold Hard Cash.

Happy Birthday Month, H1! Sorry I did not get you your Ipod Touch like I wanted to, mostly due to the fact that I tire of not being able to put songs on your Nano.  I may have done you an unkindess the first time around.


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