Sunday, September 19, 2010

On a Cooking Rampage

I've been too busy eating and overseeing to take pictures.

I am taking note so I can remember this for future reference when I need H1 to whip up some of this stuff again.

pie dough: for future beef pies

pizza dough: for already eaten mozzarella and prosciutto pizza

choux puff pastry: for almost fully eaten chicken puffs

pancake batter: for Sunday morning chocolate chip pancakes (there's one left.  Anyone want it? H1 doesn't like chocolate chips)

sponge cake: waiting to be iced

frosting: being made in a few minutes

I guess I could at least take a picture of the cake later.  Alright, maybe I'll update.

Edit on 9/21/2010: Well, the cake's done.  Literally, eaten off and no, not just out the oven.  Bwahaha, I would hope not.  Anyway...I didn't take a picture.  Heh.

Currently listening to: "Don't You Want Me, Baby?" by The Human League.  This song has forever been ruined by those stupid dirty mop ads.

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