Saturday, September 04, 2010

Obsession(s) of the Week(s): 6/30/210 - 7/24/2010

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)

Finished July 10th: I was always one to be completely confused by the RPG series of Mario & Luigi. There's something about alternating buttons to time jumps that addles the brain. This game though, I did not have to force myself to play because it was pure fun. The story was ridiculously entertaining, the characters hilarious and Luigi shines even more. It's sad they make him to be such a doofus but that's part of his loveable charm. The music was great, the game was colourful, and gameplay was outstanding. There was much to collect and the mini games were a wonderful addition and stood out on their own.



Bowser has become my unlikely hero. Never before this game have I ever given that giant turtle a thought. Who knew he had so much personality? Maybe he did in previous games that I may not have played but I'm glad to have finally discovered that he has a soul and a funny disposition on life. The great writing put Bowser in a few great situations. He unknowingly showed us a day in the life of Bowser and the treatment of his minions - he had a whole lot of heart, and while evil and pompous, it was still endearing.

Hexyz Force

Maybe I am getting bogged down by the familiarity of Jrpgs. I started this game with much anticipation only to find myself loathing the first hour of gameplay. The formula of the story was nothing special and gameplay is not that inspired (and boy did I hate getting chased by monsters over and over again in the same area!). As time went on, I got to like the characters a little bit more and the story became a bit more interesting. I am beginning to enjoy fusing items together to make new gear and using up force points. I can appreciate the music, and I can appreciate that characters are not as 2 dimensional as I previously presented. I still don't care too much at this point to even consider playing the second character's story, but maybe things will change once I finish the character Levant's story. And what of Levant as a main character? I like him. I like that stupid face they give him when he's surprised.

Update on 9/04/2010: Yeah.  I don't care to play through the 2nd character's story.  The game was just not engaging enough for me to want to see the 'true' ending.  Meh.

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