Monday, September 06, 2010

The Birthday Surprise....Attack

My Army of Misfits did not see it coming, and nor did I quite frankly.

They have seen and recruited everything into the fold, from Gloomy Bear to Monokuro Boo to Vash The Stampede to the Ginyu Force and Zarbon.

They have recruited newbies such as a smoking worm, a smoking watermelon, to join the older ranks of veterans such as The Black Gemma Gemma Dan, Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV, a Riget and a Kirby with Link powers.

The Army has even battled the thing most vile in this world in the form of a durian magnet.  Luckily for them they did not have the displeasure of smelling such a thing (for they would surely have lost the war) but their eyesight was threatened thanks to Beetchie.

No matter what it is they have seen, nothing could have prepared them for what descended and took up residency in their domain for the past few weeks.

There's been a whole lot of chaos and murdering going down since that fateful delivery on that fateful day.

From the shadow it strikes, and its victims are none the wiser until it's too damned late.

 Victim No. 1: Hiragi Tsukasa

Victim No. 2: Jack Skellington.  
"Why Hello There!" Oh, so naive.

Naive for only so long.

This is the face of absolute terror thrown in for good measure.
And rather funny too.  
Uh. Yeah.

Some may think I could have intervened instead of taking pictures of the unfolding events, but I am no hero and I was not about to get exterminated myself.  Oh, no.

I like to consider myself fairly smart, which is why I bribed the creature into a box (after much difficulties, bruises and mental scarring to my person) and will be 'gifting' it next door to H1.


Happy Birthday, H1!

And good luck with that.

Currently listening to: "Off-Key" by Motoi Sakuraba, from the Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack.


  1. I love the figurines - I think I used to have a collection of Sailor Moon ones somewhere...

  2. Nice. You should find them and photograph them! Love the food pictures you have over at your blog.


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