Monday, September 13, 2010

Brooklyn, Now With Condensed Milk

I'll have you know that not all my adventures in Brooklyn end up in mayhem.

As demonstrated by my last visit, sometimes my visits end up with $1.00 dumplings, and yesterday? Dim Sum.

If there is one thing beautiful in this world, it is Dim Sum though that is somewhat of a misleading statement on my part.  Not all dim sum are made equal but that's what fun about it - the Adventure to find Great Dim Sum.

I am a firm believer that H1 is up to that challenge and I too, strive to find those joyful little offerings.  Wherever I may go, I must go to that area's Chinatown.  It's a life goal of mine, indeed.  It sounds hard but someone has to push forward!

How else would I have known that rose water flavoured dumpling skin paired with J-curry dumplings was not the best thing that side of Japan?!

I travel a hard road sometimes and sometimes, the road less traveled will lead you to better dim sum houses.

Which takes me back to the story at hand - Brooklyn.

 We went there: East Harbor Seafood Palace!

What do you get when you pile 4 Hos, 1 HP and 1 P in a mini-van and drive them from Suburbia to the Real Streets of Crooklyn?

One embarrassed Beetchie.

Where else was I going to go? Beetchie is well-versed in the Arts of DS and a very gracious hostess.

It was a nice trip, and very sweet that the HOchie 'rents got to meet Beetchie's 'rents.  I also got to pet Hewey a little although he did walk off leaving me with his Shiba ass.

After kidnapping Beetchie, we made our way to just one of many dim sum houses.  It was there we may have been skipped over for being brown, or the story as we're sticking with - they needed to find seating for 7 of us.

 This is probably one of the 
greatest sights in the world.

Madness ensued as cart after cart of wonderful food rolled by.  Poor Beetchie always gets stuck doing the ordering when she's with us.  One Cart Lady felt pity on her and asked if she was with us.  Beetchie also feels that we look Asian enough for everyone to speak to us in Cantonese.  I was unaware we looked Asian enough, really.

We made out okay though I think my parents did not eat enough.  If only Papa HOchie had piped up some a day sooner as opposed to today...  I left feeling dissatisfied but more on that later.

For now, here are some pictures.  All our dishes are not pictured, as I quickly realized that everyone was eating my food before I had a chance to take a picture leaving me both hungry and picture-less.

Why hello beef.  It's been a while, has it not?

And you noodles? Where have you been?

What's that? You say you've been next to the karella this 
whole time and you want me to eat you? Don't mind if I do.
(By the way karella, you were pretty good.  
Not as good as say Mama HOchie's but pretty good all the same)

Some good time pork in the background,
right next to some good time tea.

And then there were taro puffs, and 
H1's eyes were opened wide with excitement.
There's also tripe on this table of which I had none.  
Psh.  Beetchie says I snooze, I lose.
To her I say: I dislike you immensely.

If I may, I'd like to tell you a story about these miraculous little treats.  
They're fried bread nuggets, with amazingly crunchy outsides.  
As if that was not amazing enough, you then dipped them in condensed milk.

Okay, who double dipped?!

And now for a special moment...

The last time I went to dim sum with Beetchie in Brooklyn, the tiny baos filled with custard goodness were unavailable.  They're a hot commodity, and we just were unfortunate.  This time, I almost missed my chance but Beetchie wanted to go back to her childhood.  I went with her and took an edible route to what it was like to be Beetchie on a typical Sunday morning when she was  ____ .  

Since I cannot really know what age she was when she had these as a child (she did not tell me), I could not quite visualize Memory Lane, but now I know at least, what _____ years ago tasted like.

Then I wanted to re-live a Memory of my own, 
from 20 minutes in the before time.  
So we ordered another round of bread and condensed milk.

There's a sad, sordid tale here of why I left the dim sum house dissatisfied.  After a good 20 minutes of milling about trying to decide what next to eat as we were not quite done, I made up my mind to eat more condensed milk and bread.

It may come as a surprise to some, but as part of my own childhood, I used to eat white bread and condensed milk.  I never had them as fried little nuggets of dough and condensed milk but this experience definitely brought it all back.  As I told H1, I know what I want for next Saturday's breakfast and she best provide.

In any event, I kept a sharp eye for another round of the golden nuggets.  We asked a Dim Sum cart lady if there were any left and she said yes.  We thought she forgot about us and as Beetchie angrily took the bill up to the cart (after we finally found them and I refused to go for a sudden attack of shyness), it turns out our Cart Lady did not forget us.

The sweetie that she was, brought me an order.  I was happy...very, very happy.  I was also beginning to feel a tad full.  The thought of eating 6 of those by myself was daunting at first, until I saw the plate and was ready to massacre them.

Beetchie ate 1, then Luuuiiiisssss.  
I took the next, then H1 (she thought she was doing me a kindness).  

Then came Luuuuuiiiisss again.

The very last nugget was right within reach and almost to my mouth when an unusually quiet BH, suddenly decided he was interested in food again.

"I want that!"


The child took food out of my mouth.

With not much else to do, other than to cry silently inside at what transpired, we paid our kick-ass bill of $70.00, and took a picture of the destruction we left in our wake.

Messy piggyhs.

Despite the spectacular double bounce of the shumai off my plate and unto my bag, the falling pork that splashed oil into Beetchie's tea cup and on H1's skin, H1's own little debacle with tumbling dumplings and H1's sadness about not trying something truly different, I'd say we had a good trip.

Maybe next time TD5 comes, he and I can haul to Brooklyn.



One day, TD5.  We'll do it one day.

Memorable Conversation of the Day:

Beetchie: I cannot believe you guys came here in a mini-van.
H1: We figured you would feel very comfortable in a mini-van.  You went away to Fire Island for the weekend, then you came back and ate at Park Slope.  We're not sure what's happening to you or who you are but a Mini Van seems well-suited.
Beetchie: ....  Well, at least it's a Honda.
Or 2: Only the best for you, Beetchie!


  1. I am feeling mighty sad at the prospect of not sharing dim sum with you this year. For you and my stomach! But... next year!

    Not sure if MC and kIMPOSSIBLE are coming but I couldn't take MC for dim sum anyway. Unlike his Granny, I know he's still allergic to shrimp.

    WV: Pyxigni. Okay, Bloggie Boo. You lost me there. or is that a type of pig?!?! ::gasp::

  2. I'd also like to point out that I was put all the way in the back, like a bit of smuggled goods...

    Also you neglected to mention the Shrimp Dumpling massacre (oh and what a tragic way to lose the "skin" of a dumpling) and lack of tea etiquette. Really I hope that I had taught you better! :P

    But thanks for rolling up (mini-vanning it as it were) in mah hood. It was great seeing you folks and well the Dim Sum Debacles are always amusing (for me anyho's ^_^)

  3. You did teach me proper tea ettiquette. However, you did not teach the rest of the Clan. They had no idea! Don't fault us for being mostly Asian.

    Yes, H1's plan was to kidnap you. Unfortunately, someone opened the door and you got out.

    Next time.

    WV: vitte


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