Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Adventures...(really) Without Incident! Part II: Breakfast of Champeens

This is what the plan was supposed to be:

Breakfast: Doughnut Plant
In Between: Toy Tokyo.  Takoyaki?
Lunch: Ippudo
Afternoon: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

This is what happened:

Breakfast: $1 Dumplings
Second Breakfast: Doughnut Plant
In Between: Walk to St. Marks then around and about until...
1 p.m.: Toy Tokyo
In Between: Beetchie stealing a Takoyaki from H1
Late Lunch: Ippudo
Unexpected (but I willed it!): Big Gay Ice-Cream Truck ice-cream
Afternoon: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Thursday morning came with the thought of dumplings still on Beetchie's mind.  There was just something about these dumplings from a particular Dumpling House in Brooklyn that Beetchie insisted I had to try.

After eating them, I know what that reason was.  Or should I say, reasons?

 Kai Feng Fu Dumpling House.  
It's always the unassuming places that have awesome food!

I knew it would be good not only from Beetchie's Seal of Approval but also from the store front.

Here are the other reasons why they were so good:

Crispy, fresh, hand-made...
Tasty and beautiful! Also smothered with hot pepper and sauce.
With $1 for 4 dumplings, it was even better.
Though, hole in the wall dumpling houses, usually mean bitchy ass Chinese guys who run the shop and will give you 'tude when ordering.

Huh, I guess there was an incident: I ordered the goodness of pan-fried dumplings to go but got soup instead.

Even Beetchie made an order and ended up with soup, 
which she did not even know she did.  It was good though.

I loved this too.  Simple but good and tasty.

Ah well.  H1 will just have to come some time to Brooklyn to eat these beauties.
I should not forget to mention that even though I did not get a picture for fear of getting more 'tude from the cool Chinese dude, that the giant pot the pan-fried dumplings were made in was fabulous.  It was HUGE and there plentiful on dumplings all cooking at once.  ::sniff:: It was enough to make me weep with joy.

We then hopped on the train as I said goodbye to Brooklyn (I missed you, Sabi! But I knew you were still around, making sure I wasn't running amok in your house - love you little girl), got about two delays but ended up just fine to our second excursion for second breakfast.

 Doughnut Plant.  Where's the fan-fare?

It was a tiny storefront and quite frankly, we were expecting a lot more...balloons and confetti? I don't know.  I think after hearing so much hype about this place, I thought it'd be more "KAPOW!" in the face, you know?

The sign out front let us know what to expect for the Specials that day.  However, B. and I came with a plan: One Tres Leches Doughnut for her, and one Creme Brulee for me.

Confusion! But oo, already I see what 
Luuuiisss would be getting as a present.

When we arrived, there was no line.  It was around 11:30 when we arrived and at the cash register was a West Indian.  I think he was Trini but he was definitely an Islander.  Putting on my best American, Beetchie and I ordered our doughnuts.  We both got boxes of the following our respective families: Coconut, Peanut Butter with Blackberry Jam, Peach, Blueberry, Chocolate and Creme Brulee.

Here's a quick breakdown of what those were like:

Coconut - YUM.  I would definitely get that again.  There was cream inside and if I go back, that's the one I want.
Peanut Butter with Blackberry Jam: I didn't try it but Luuuiiiissss says it was just like a sandwich but yummier?
Peach - I did not think I would like it but yes, yes I did.  Would I order it again? Probably not but it's worth the try.
Blueberry - I definitely didn't think I would like it but it was surprisingly good.  Not my first choice if I were to go back but might eat it again.
Chocolate - What a waste of time like all chocolate glazed donuts.

That aside, Beetchie and I got our doughnuts and were highly impressed.  When I say we were impressed, I mean we were blown away by how good they were.

 Tres Leches and Creme Brulee, Together at last!

The Tres Leches was so good, I cannot even tell you.  If I could post the picture of Beetchie's face to justify it, I would.  It was so good, I had to go back and get another one (umm, we didn't eat it yet, H1! Ugh, it's probably so stale and gross now...that's such a sin).

 Tres Leches Doughnut.  A ring of yummy.

Then there was my creme brulee.  On first bite, I was not at all happy.  The top had the classic creme brulee hardened sugar top.  But where was my cream? I didn't get any on first bite but when I finally did and ate it all together - wow.  It was like eating a creme brulee and if you know me, that's one of my favourite things and I try them wherever I go, looking for a good one.

Creme Brulee : The inside.  
All Together, a Mouthful of Fantastic.

Inside The Doughnut Plant: prices.  
Ooo, expected "pricey-ness".

Too many hipsters, too.  There's the "Trini".

Not for eating - the sitting area surface at The Doughnut Plant.

The only drawbacks were the hipsters and privileged biatches that showed up, and the fact that the place actually filled up quite a bit soon after we got there.  It was so packed that you could not move really.

In much need of water, we sought some at a nearby bakery (that's right, we used this no-name place for their $1 bottle of Poland Spring after eating our Doughnut Plant doughnuts! We have no shame nor should we!) and then took a well-needed walk to St. Mark's to go to Toy Tokyo.

More Adventures to come...

Currently listening to: "Too Many Dicks (On the Dance floor)" by Flight of the Conchords.  Yep, there were also too many hipsters at the Doughnut Plant.


  1. The dumplings are effin amazing. I don't know if it's the dumpling itself or the fact that I've discovered the perfect edible receptical for hot sauce and salt.

    That little chinese man is playing with me...I'm sure of it.

    Oh and I've had dreams of those donuts. That tres leche one was no joke...

  2. It's everything. Man...I want those dumplings now. See what you did? Now I have this urge to go to next week even though we'll already be stuffing ourselves on dim sum.

    Dumplings to go?

    I don't know who will order though because the little chinese man seems to like to mess with everyone.

    As for the doughnuts... we need to go back when you return because all new flavours will be in.

  3. Apparently Bloggie Boo agrees that everything was Blisess. How the eff would he know?

    wv: Blisess. Because we all know the Blog cannot spell or speak the Queen english properly. It is bliss. no plural BB, no plural.

    - H1

  4. Bloggie Boo was so impressed by everything that he had to emphasize the word "bliss".


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