Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New(-ish) Adventures....With (Non-Life Threatening) Incidents, Part III: No Toys and No Takoyaki (Before 1 PM)

The walk to Toy Tokyo was a good one minus the sun.  It turned out to be a nice enough day - not hot, cold or rainy but comfortable.

Toy Tokyo was not yet open when we got there, so instead we headed to the Takoyaki place to discover they too were not opening until 1 p.m.

With half an hour to spare, we made our way to a pet store and used their A/C without shame and I took some pictures of the Takoyaki shop.

I did not get good pictures of the place the last time and with the area being so quiet, I figured it was the perfect time to do so.

Having never been at St. Mark's at that time of day, the experience was rather odd and nostalgic of Japan.  Without the hustle and bustle of people since we usually find ourselves there in the evening, the area was reminiscent of the time Beetchie and I were looking for our very last Ryokan in Tokyo at the end of our trip.

Shady, quiet streets littered with unassuming Ramen shops, baths and a tea house made it very much pleasant.

I want that octopus picture.

I need better zoom and a better camera eye!
The real one is okay.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the 
shady stores with the giant iron door
on the other side of the street.

Sadly not open before 1 p.m.

After sitting on the benches at the bus stop, and confusing a bus driver as to whether or not we were going to take the bus (we didn't really confuse anybody), we were almost first in the door to Toy Tokyo after they opened for the day.

We spent quite the time in there as usual.  We looked for toys we could buy together as per the tradition but ultimately did not find anything we wanted.

For some reason there was a lot of chatter going on at the Toy Tokyo (new store location too, by the way and pretty nice).  The girl who was stationed in front of the doors waiting for them to be open was having a conversation with one of the owners on behalf of an obsessed friend, it seemed like.
Later on we found out that there was a new Dunny 2010 Kid Robot line, that included a competition to win a Golden Ticket for a limited edition figure as a prize.

We only found out because there was one guy there who was obsessed with finding that Golden Ticket.  He must have bought 20 plus boxes of the stuff at $9.00 a piece, and was only interested in opening box after box and not at all interested in whatever Dunny he got.

I bought one just out of curiosity and I would love to end this tale by saying, I got very lucky and won the Golden Ticket.

However, as my luck is now probably notoriously known when it come to random toy boxes, I unfortunately cannot tell you that I went back and sold the ticket to the guy for $1,000 or however much he was willing to pay (as per Beetchie's suggestion had we won).

I can tell you that of all the interesting looking "Dunny" things, I got one that was not the coolest.

::gasp!:: How very... not shocking of me!


Though you know, I kinda like the little guy.  I can see the appeal.  He also is by far not the ugliest.


What in the blazes?

  A cat with tattoos to show how many birds he killed? 
In a rabbit suit?

And showing me his ass.  Great.

After picking up some toys for the brats for their Birthdays, and wondering (even now still as I write this!) if I should go back to get the Transformer Buzz Lightyear Import from Japan, we headed off for lunch at Ippudo.

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