Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Adventures....With (A Goblin?) Incident! Part IV: Lunchie Munchies

After leaving Toy Tokyo, we stopped by the Takoyaki stand to buy H1 some takoyaki.  She quite likes it and Beetchie is rather happy to have found a friend to gush over the goodness that is takoyaki.  Beetchie is still under the impression that I don't care much for it but she is mistaken and I might have to call shenanigans on her.

The plan was to buy a batch to go for H1, and then Beetchie's plan was to steal one from H1's batch.

Beetchie would have gotten away with it too, without H1 knowing, if it weren't for me - the pesky frenemy.

We then proceeded to Ippudo for lunch.  I had high hopes for the place having read before hand that pork belly was used in some of the ramen dishes.  I also saw that it was highly rated from a few sources but I have come to learn that sometimes, you just cannot trust the Internet.

I know...take a deep breath.  Sometimes...the Internet lies to you!

With the storefront easy to miss, the loudness of the eating area (which we could not see from the front), the decor, and plentiful Asians - I had more positive vibes going than negatives.

1. Easy to miss while walking around, leading to a shady ramen place? Perfect.
2. Everyone greeting you traditional Japanese style as you enter and leave? Excellent.
3. Lots of Asians in and out of the place? Fantastic! That's a sure sign it's good!
4. Funky decor? Beautiful I sense a little bit of hipsterism/artsy bs? Hmmm...

Truthfully, I was fascinated by it.  It was not going to be a homey, little Japanese place like my most fond memory of our dinner with Japanese business men and the Hattori Hanzo of food.  However, it was beautiful nonetheless, in a New York City sense of sensibility.

On the wall.  I loved it.

And the Verdict?

 I love ramen bowls.

Aren't some of these just adorable?

I'm not sure either.

A ten minute wait for ramen 
leaves you time to take pictures of stuff!

I loved the ramen at Ippudo.
I am actually here mourning that it has already been a week since I've eaten the greatness.  I feel as though there is a void in my stomach that is waiting for Ippudo's ramen to fill.

I have not had a truly great ramen since I left Japan.  I think Beetchie and I may have eaten ramen twice whilst there but that one time at the Ramuen Museum was enough to set the standard way high.

The flavour of the broth at Ippudo was just quality stuff, as well as the freshly made noodles.

 Beetchie's ramen.

Beetchie's Set Meal: salad and salmon roe over rice.  Yum.

Beetchie's noodles.  Ah the greatness of some noodles!

Sorry about the shadow.  
Here's my food before I was told to mix in my dab of miso paste.  
Notice the pork? Oh yeah.

Here it is with the miso mixed in.

Here's another shot with...
what the...what is that on the side, hiding behind the bowl? 
A goblin?!?!

Oh, phew.  It's just Philip J. Fry.  
Ah yes, he did join us for lunch, I forgot to mention.  
Got him at Toy Tokyo to join the ranks with Cap'n Zapp.

The close up on my noodles.  
Oh how I miss thee, noodles and broth. =(

There you have it, lunch at Ippudo was a success and I would love to go back.

Soon.  Very soon.



Your silence is deafening, people.

Did Beetchie and I really have no dangerous incidents for a whole day and an evening?

Could the impossible be possible?

The Mystery will be unraveled in the next entry and Finale of the New Adventures of Last Week.

Currently listening to:  "Black Sheep" by Metric.

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