Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Evening with The HOchieS, Part I: A Story Told in Legos

If you have not yet visited the newly opened Lego Store located at Rockefeller Plaza, please add it to a list of things to do.

The store is crowded with tourists and New Yorkers alike, pricey and all this packed into a fairly tiny space but it does have its charm.

 I never liked that Orange Lego Guy.

Perhaps I have been here for quite the while now to no longer really appreciate Roc. Center with its influx of tourists, and the hell that is other people during Christmas time, New Year's, St. Patrick's Day and what seems to be most of the year now.

I will admit that the Lego Store gave me a little bit of the warm and fuzzy feeling to be a resident of the great state of New York.

For all the complaints of tourists and rudeness, The HOchieS are rather fond of our city of New York (with no smug attached as we say that).

 I mean, this is impressive.

But this is even more so...

It was Friday, August 13th (awwww, how sad, it's the last Friday the 13th of 2010) when we visited the Lego Store.

It is located just on the Plaza as previously mentioned, and what's so cool about it? It's an Ode to Rockefeller Center, and NYC and replicates many of the sites in Lego form!

There's a Kids' Zone, a Dragon that weaves in and out of the roof of the store, Atlus is there with other famous sites from the buildings that make up Rockefeller Center, but my favourite? The tall columns of colourful Lego pieces of all designs that touch the ceilings and curve around the room.

The Lights: Giant Lego Blocks!

Pigeons at Central Park!
These Lego pigeons have perfectly captured 
the goo'd living of our NYC pigeons.  They're a fat breed, it's true.
And scary? Quite.


Helloooo Legos!
Oooo, clear! But you can't really tell that from this, can you?
What the...?
Okay...that spirally thing from before? It belonged to that
sorry excuse for a dragon.  Bwahaha.
Yes...that's a lot of Legos.
Every colour.  Every shape...
Millions of Lego pieces... feeling...overwhelmed...
Must focus on a few hundred at a time.
Ah, that's much more calming.

Now let's see what else is in this store.  
Oh! A Roc. Center building! But hold on, something seems amiss...
...a jumper?
...or a Murder Mystery in Manhattan?!
Those are suspicious looking birds.  
I think we may have found the cronies that done did that dude in.
But wait! Who's the Mastermind? ::Gasp!::
Uh huh, no surprise there.  
It's the Evil Lord Vader controlling the birds.
As well as controlling half a cat, with the aid of a Storm Trooper.
Must send this picture to Mike Stimpson.

What else is going on in Midtown? Ah! The Rockettes.  
Those are some classy ladies for a classy act that 
I have never seen, but never have to thanks to these classy Legos.
Thanks Classy Lego Ladies!

He's not exactly cute in the face but he
is strong to be holding up all those Legos.

 Preach, brother!

The Plaza.  This is a very comforting, familiar view.
Save the Dragon Looming over the City there.  
Never saw that before in real Midtown
and quite frankly, it's rather unsettling.  
It's pretty much devoured my office building from the looks of it.
Hmm, I also have to say, I don't really 
recognize any of those folk from the picture.
Yeah, no.  Not really recognizing anyone from their Lego Photos.
And now that I think about...
Not the flags either...

And oh my goodness! 
There's even a TV celebrity in our midst! 
Neal Caffrey, is that you?!?!  

Currently listening to: "Oh Pretty Boy, You're Such a Big Boy" by Menomena.  I love them, I do.  They've got such weirdness!

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