Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Karma: Some The Times a Bitch

In the history of Smoking Monger Toys, let it be chronicled right here and now, that I have managed something incredible.

I have managed to best Beetchie.

For our one last Toy Tokyo send off for the Summer, Beetchie and I did our usual picking of the Random Toy Ritual.

I went with not my first choice, but my second choice of box.  I also, did not let Beetchie pick it.

The result is as follows:

There is something completely awesome about Major ThrockMorton.  Maybe it was the fact I ate bonchon (korean fried chicken) right before, or maybe it was the fact that Karma finally caught up to Beetchie and kapowed her in the face for her years of laughing at my ill toy luck.

Or maybe it was the fact that she really wanted Cabo Labbit and snicked a little at the prospect that I'd more than likely get the lamest thing the box could offer as per my history.

Yes, just maybe...

...a Cabo Labbit was not meant to be for Beetchie.  
(Though I have to say, I am sorry she did not get it.  It's damned funny)

And for her snickering, she would get...

....the lamest thing in the box.  
The very thing she thought I would get.  Drake.  The baseball.
That sure looks like a strike to me, Beetchie.

I am not gloating now.  That was yesterday, and only a little because I am still 99% doomed to a life of crappy toys.

However, let me have a brief moment and let us take another two moments to enjoy the slap Karma failed to give me:

There is something very disturbing about this picture.

 P.S. H1 and Beetchie went for Takoyaki too.  H1's now obsessed and wants to eat it everyday.


  1. What the fuck is that? Is that little spout for extracting chicken juice? That is the worst toy I have ever wanted to play with

  2. Haha. Actually, it's a cigarette. NOW it's the worst toy anyone has ever wanted to play with.

  3. I feel queasy. For god's sake, throw that fucker out!

  4. But I can't! It's the best Mongers toy I've ever gotten!

    And it cost $5.00. That's like throwing away the subway fare I paid to get to it.



    That's just sad on my part.


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