Monday, November 08, 2010

Not An Epic Fail....Or Was It?

If it may be considered an epic fail, it is only due to the fact that we prefer our kurma to have a hard, crunchy texture.

Aside from personal preference, our first attempt at Kurma making was a great success.  They were crispy, flaky, rich and extremely yummilicious when fresh.

The 1/4 Indian residing in these HOchieS thereby making us 1/2 Indian when we combine our forces, worked to our advantage.

It may not look like much now, but stay with me.
Very  hot oil.  Dangerous!
It gets better, I assure you
A Trini from work ate some.

She loved them.
Kurma of this kind can now be marked off the list.

Kurma (we prefer)

Goolab Jamoon

I may still need Sons to make things for us, though.

For now, MC, you may not have any so do not ask us to make for you.  We would faster make for Frass than we would for you.

Ooo, low blow.


  1. The Blog says we are Mulaterr not 1/2 indian.

    - H1

    ::angry eyes::

  2. The blog told me, "Galubst". I guess that's next on the menu of Indian sweets to make.

  3. I got "partas"... sounds yummy.


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