Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ruining Christmas

How old was I when I ruined Christmas?

I must have been pretty young when I was gifted that doll.

I crept my way to the presents lying all pretty under the Christmas tree, and tried to unsuccessfully garner a peak inside at this rectangular box that captured my eye.

Back then my secret planning and clever trickery skills were not developed, and fumbled my chance at a clean escape.

I ripped the wrapping paper - a long strip of it actually, right on the front of the box.

"What is it? So what did you get?", a stern familiar voice called.

"I don't know...?" I replied.

"You don't know and the big dolly eye watching you?" was the retort from Momma HO.

I reminded her of this story this past week and she told me that she should have slapped me for opening the present.

"Wait," I said, "you would smack me for opening the present...."
"Yes! You ruined the surprise for Christmas morning!"
"...but you wouldn't smack me for lying?"
"Oh...uh, Yes! For lying!"
"Seriously, Lady! Where are your priorities?!"


Also! Happy (Yesterday) Birtday, Momma Ho! I wonder if your sons remembered your birthday...hrrm? TD5, Frass, and MC?!?!?!


  1. Oh you shoulda get more than a slap. A good cutarse.

    Happy birthday Mama H. I heart u

    wv: dactu.

  2. Stop trying to "monmacke" Momma Ho. (Bloggie does not know how to spell mamaguy but that works too) She knows you don't heart her, only your stomach for some food!

    You know...I really wonder about you and your child psychology techniques...

  3. I'll settle the debate and recommend that you get 2 slaps.

    I wished Momma Ho a HB on Facebook and asked her to save me some cake. Or bake me some. I'll take either.

    wv: mulness


  4. The blog just told me you both are "messes".

    No cake for anyone!!!! Seriously, that Lady did not start soaking fruit yet for the black cake. See how she needs some slaps?

  5. One year, I found all the presents my mom had bought, and I proceeded to tell her exactly what I wanted for Christmas. I can still see the expression on her face when I named off everything that I had found hidden!! Yes,I know just how mean that was.

  6. Judie, that is pretty funny. Mean, perhaps but funny.

    WV: icarap


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