Friday, December 24, 2010

The Airing of Grievances 2010

I have been pondering this for quite the while now, and yesterday it dawned on me that while you peeps are jerks, you really haven't done anything to warrant a grievance against you this year.

TD5 does think we are mean to MC and he should mind his buisness! But...that doesn't really mean he gets on the list either for his defense of MC.

H1 did miss Muse with me this year at Wembley Stadium and I was cranky because Muse sent me my Christmas presents and I saw what fun we missed, but Matt went ahead and started dating ah duttyness, so if anyone's to be on the list, it's not H1 but Matt.

MC did come to my house and ate up my food, but he also gave me presents, so I can't hate on him for that.

Frass brought pastelles...  She could possibly make the top of this list.  She really hasn't been very nice to me lately! What with her besties! But that wouldn't be true, would it?

X... X moved away to Bim, had a Baby Moodou and I have not seen her in some time.  She does call me, and it is funny that Moodou is always fighting with the cow...  I guess there really is no real grievance against her.

Bughie J. sent all manners of music and brownies.  The brownies we suspected were 'sauced' but really it was almond extract, so that's okay.  Ah! And he sent music...

And this brings me to my true grievance this year.

1. Electronics. 

My PS3 kicked the bucket earlier this year.  I handled it well, until it was replaced by a newer model.  I'm still sore about it. 

And now this morning? My 2nd hard drive has kicked the bucket.  I'm not in panic mode yet even though that's all my damned music.  ALL OF IT.  But I'm trying to remain calm until I speak with Luuuuuuiiiiiissssss, to see if he can save my data.

I knew I should have bought that bloody back up.


Merry Frickin' Festivus.


  1. :( I was hoping for a high ranking this year.

    wv: eismsy

  2. I can think of something if you really want to be an over-achiever.

    WV: soutpu

  3. gk may miss the boxing day extravaganza...or should that be massacre? The year's not over just yet....

    Yeah, it's sad for us to not bicker about who really should have been top of the list... :(

    wv: omalig

  4. Yeah...maybe you people can be really mean next year so we don't run into this problem again.

    I hope Frass makes it out to D.C. safely what with this blizzard a-coming.

    If not, looks like chores for him from his father.

    wv: unetatio


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