Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to All My Frenemies

Christmas morning is here! I am in my new reindeer very red Christmas Eve pajamas, gifted to me by my Boobey.

I hear he has been awake since before 6 a.m., and I will go over to see him soon.

The cats are sleeping, and Momma HOchie has gone off to work.  We will not be opening presents until she comes home but in the meanwhile, Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope your day is full of all the good stuff - food, family, friends and presents, Kyle.  Presents.

I will be sure to put up the Christmas Pyo List later complete with updates as to the festivities.

Oh yeah, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special is at 9 p.m. tonight.  As if today wasn't awesome already...

Update @ 7:40 p.m.:

The Present List! Thank you to everyone - for well wishes, for love, and for presents.

H1's Haul of Goo'd Times:

From Momma & Papa HOchie: a handbag and some sweaters
From Luuuuiiiiissss & BH: Tons of prezzies.  So much so I didn't even see the stuff and can't recall but I believe boots were involved, a wallet with a gift card, some containers with a measuring cup, clothes...
From Bunji, Angelo, A'Face & B'Cheeks: A handbag
From MC & KIMPOSSIBLE: Barnes & Noble gift card, cutie cupcake memo card holders
From Alex: Barnes & Noble gift card
From TD5: Stieg Larsson Millennium Collection
From Gen' Frien: (Ded) Moth Drawing
From Bughie J.: Cheesey bread, sourdough bread, multi-grain bread and yummy non-sauced brownies
To The Cheat: Buffy Season 8, Volume 8
To Gnomey-Gnome: Doctor Who Teefury shirt
To Diderick: A Quidditch Teefury shirt
From Or 2: Interpol ticket, a whole lot of Enid Blyton books, Peppermint Patty Chuckie Brown volume collection, jewelry from Bora, and The Book of Goodnight Stories (after 10 years finally found!)

Or 2's Haul of Goo'd Time Prezzies:

From Momma & Papa HOchie: a sweater, and a coat which Papa thinks is super awesome.
From Luuuuiiiiissss: Manga - D. Gray-Man and Tsubasa, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (with H1)
From Boobey: A Gorillaz Muds t-shirt
From Bunji, Angelo, A'Face & B'Cheeks: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS)
From MC & KIMPOSSIBLE: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; A Pig in Happiness (MC, only).  What.
From Alex: Killer 7 (Gamecube)
From TD5: The Sly Collection (PS3, HD)
From Bughie J.: Cheesey bread, sourdough bread, multi-grain bread and yummy non-sauced brownies, and the gift of music. 
From S. Cheeks: chocolate chip cookies, gummy bears, and shortbread cookies
From The Cheat: Clarise the Niece
From Gnomey-Gnome: Sprite Christmas Ornament bottle
From Diderick: A red hooligan pair of pants
From H1: a Night shirt hoodie with penguins!, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey (DS)

From Frass to everyone: pastelles.  Not bad, Frass.  Not.  Bad.  Thanks much! And yes, I will update the list once we do our exchange.

Update on 12/31/2010:

From Frass: D. Gray-Man vol. 17, and Space Invaders Extreme (DS)

Much love to everyone! Merry Christmas, again!


  1. The pastelles from Gloria's were horrid. I didn't mind the size but they were dry, tasteless and the cornmeal was kind of powdery. The others from "Bake & Tings" were good. Needed more olives, raisins, etc but I always expected that to be the case. One is enough, though. lol

    This list needs my presents to you guys! Patty's will be delivered by Amazon. The others were hand-wrapped by yours truly. ;) You've been warned.

    wv: derstr

  2. The blog says you need to restox on the pastelles.

    wv: restox

    - H1

  3. Mmmmm oxtails ON pastelles! Sounds good to me. clever blog.

    wv: trumsty


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