Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sissons in Every Room? UPDATED

Today, Boobey and I had secret plans and clever tricks.  We wrapped presents for some and had a good time!  Now I need to re-evaluate who on my list I am finished with and who needs presents still.  No peeking!!!!!

Update on 12/11/2010 - yep, last week was a success but there should still be no peeking!!!! X, stop it.

Christmas Pyos
1. Momma HO - I'm hoping a trip to the Holiday Fair at Bryant Park will do H1 and I wonders.
2. Papa HO - I got one thing for your stocking! Now there's a second plan a-brewing that H1 and I have to go in, since Bunji went and got you something on his own.
3. H1 - I still have no clue, H1 but if you want, cash it is.  I maaaaaaay have gotten something for you that you are not quite expecting.  Maybe.  12/11: So, no cash for you since I went ahead and bought lots.  You may be expecting that something afterall 'cause you a jerk face but I still have just one more trick up my short sleeve.  Now to hope it comes in time or else you'll be having the lamest Christmas from me eva'.
4. Bunji - I got that one thing from me to you, and then that one knife you wanted which you claim is for both you and Angelo.  You lie.  It's really for you.  I'm happy you're happy with your 'one bad-assed knife."
5. Luuuuiiiiiiissssss - poor, poor Luuuuiiiissss no more! The thing I ordered has been released! I wrapped it already.  Muwahahaha.
6. Angelo - well you just went ahead and got the Creuset set that we wanted to get you.  So now you're stuck with a knife that Duane really wants.  Too bad! Okay, maybe I'll get something for you from Pumpkin and Jazzie
7. A'Face - Buzz? Really? That again, A'Face? No Buzz from me to you! - yep, I stand by my awesome prezzies to you.
8. B'Cheeks - Turns out you no longer need accessories for your doll house.  Arts and crafts for you, then. or a Little Tykes shopping cart that your parents say you always wanted.
9. B'Head - No idea, BH. Do you have any idea? Update on 11/01/2010: I decided. David Tennant for me. Story for you.  Update on 12/04/2010: WTF.  Amazon cannot get that game together for you.  I'm having a hard time tracking it down! I have to go to the store, I guess.  12/11: Okay, it has been shipped apparently and from my archnemesis gamestop.  I hope you appreciate my sacrifices.
10. TD5 - I got stuff which we sent to you via MC.  And now you're coming.  Oops.  But that's okay, I may have gotten something else for you.  Something small.  Something I wanted to get since October.  12/11: it's here and I love it but it looks...awfully small.  Uhh...yeah.
11. Frass - Done! I think you will be happy.
12. MC - Also done.  Hope you like it all!
13. Clee - eeeheeheee. can't.  wait.
14. X - hmmm, I did get something. But it won't be all! A Holiday Fair is in your future too! 12/11: Secured! So cute, might we keep it for ourselves? We keed.
15. Aims - A cute animal? Maybe.  A Holiday Fair gift? I hope so.  12/11: one thing down, I want one thing else
16. Alex - one thing down. something else to go.  Please come through for me Holiday Fair! 12/11: Ah, the Holiday Fair.  Happiest place in the 40s.
17. JJ - Still don't know.
18. Beetchie - I like the secret plans and clever tricks for you.  I like them a lot.
19. Gen' Frien' - I got it! It best be here in time! 12/11: it's here! But now I can't find that other thing I got.  I'm really mad!
20. Bughie J. - A bread, bun and some shipping! And we will be truly set! 12/11: be on the lookout!
21. Sandy Cheeks - hm. No idea. Oo! Maybe S4 to last year's S1 of Dex.
22. Sons - I got something small, which has not shipped yet.  Those bastards! Holiday Fair for you as well. 12/11: done and done.  hooray!
23. Pumpkin - I haven't even looked, my boy.  I'm sorry.
24. Jazzie - what to get the cat who's such a biatch?
25. The Cheat - It's wrapped and under the tree.  Leave it alone!
26. Diderick - You will love me.
27. Gnomey-Gnome - Are you a fan? Yes.  Yes you are.


  1. Moodou wants to know why he's been left off the list.

  2. Moodou and I have secret plans. Stop prying into our buisness!

    WV: pannis

  3. Me thinks these secret plans are "datuddly."
    I take that back. MC is "dat uddly" (as in dat ugly). I kill myself laughing.


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