Friday, October 22, 2010

Sissons in Every Room?

How is it possible that today is already the 22nd day of the 10th month of year?

Christmas will soon be upon us! And I haven't shopped yet! Well...I guess that's not completely true.

It's time for a list which I will hide...just like last year!

Christmas Pyos

1.   Momma HO - oh Lady. I just don't know.
2.   Papa HO - ah but there's an idea a-brewing. 
3.   H1 - no clue this year, H1.  No clue.
4.   Bunji - hmmmm.  Yes.  A special present from mim to him. 
5.   Luuuuiiiiiiissssss - poor, poor Luuuuiiiissss.  I pre-ordered his present.  I just hope it comes in time but that's out of my control.
6.   Angelo - whatever H1 got last year.  Heh.
7.   A'Face - Buzz? Really? That again, A'Face? No Buzz from me to you!
8.   B'Cheeks - Accessories for the pimpin' doll house.  If she needs miniature Japanese food, I got that covered.
9.   B'Head - No idea, BH.  Do you have any idea? Update on 11/01/2010: I decided.  David Tennant for me.  Story for you.
10. TD5 - a wish list needs to be updated.  I won't veer off the list this year after last year's debacle.
11. Frass - Frass, I just don't know where your wish list.  Did YOU find it yet?
12. MC - As epic as your shirts were last year, I will do you a kindness and stick to your list.  Please remove the magic book.  I'm never buying that for you.
13. Clee - eeeheeheee.  that is all I can say.
14. X - hmmm, I did get something.  But it won't be all!
15. Aims - the hardest person to shop for, yous Aims.
16. Alex - one thing down.  something else to go.
17. JJ  - Not sure yet.
18. Beetchie - well, well, well.  Plans have been made, some things bought.
19. Gen' Frien' - Uhhh... don't know.  Kinda know.  But not sure.
20. Bughie J. - Yes.  Completely complete, me thinks.
21. Sandy Cheeks - hm.  No idea. Oo! Maybe S4 to last year's S1 of Dex.

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