Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Used To

I used to have a friend named Beetchie.

We played games together.

We spoke nerd together.

We braved exploding bakeries together.

We traveled to Japan together.

She used to call me Emo (which I vehemently deny because that's all lies); and I used to call her smug (a statement she proudly agreed with).

She's still around, living on the other side of the land in the Hippyville that is Oregon.

She's also still my friend or she was until today.

Today, I realized that I have actually shared many a life experience with my "friend"....

...Justin Bieber

Some tweens and others may consider me extremely lucky, but I am so shocked and embarrassed that I had to even hide the bao head's identity on top of hiding her own.

It pains me to look.

She may be blaming Oregon for the Bieber haircut.  However, I am unconvinced! ::sniff:: I feel so lied to...all these yesrs...


  1. Former friend indeed...


    ::chew cud, chew cud::

  2. I have a reputation as a non-Emo, non-Bieber Fever Believer to maintain.

  3. STOP IT! You keep losing me! I am trying to keep up, but you are way too smart!


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