Saturday, October 30, 2010

More J.C. Than J.T.

Rock Band 3 came in the mail yesterday.  If you may recall, the second worst Final Fantasy in the series broke my poor little boo boo PS3 back in April.

It was a terrible April.

Moving along...

I fiddled with RB3 today on Luuuuuiiiiiissssssss' PS3, and I did not re-create The Oxtails or my lovely Zarnyx and will not until my PS3 comes back from the Repair shop.

The Band Manager and I did crank out a few tunes so that I may start to warm up my vocals, however.

And welllllll....

Who knew "Bohemian Rhapsody" was going to be a Killer Queen? It was awful.

The Band Manager, being the B. that she is, is already quick to give up on my career.  She thinks I am going to have a very unsuccessful forthcoming Solo Tour - and likened me to an unsuccessful J.C. Chasez the Solo Artist as opposed to the successful Solo Artist like Justin.

I am still in rehearsals, damn it!

(Although truthfully, I am rather alarmed that I could not hit some of the high notes today...)


Rehearsals, damn it!


  1. What? Who expects a singer to sing on tour? You just get those vocals right once in the studio, smear a little AutoTune 7 on top, which was just released last week so you'll have a fresh autotune sound to distinguish you from the old AutoTune sound, then you let the CD player take care of business while you strut around on stage, shaking the appropriate bits and pieces, looking hot, and trying not to get burned by the crazy pyrotechnics!

    Sounds like success to me!

    wv: eorti

    eorti is right!

  2. Yeah! You tell H1, Bughie J.! You tell her!

    WV: skiev


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