Friday, October 22, 2010

A Very Simple Entry to a Very Special Competition

In celebration of Bloggie Boo's 5 year Anniversary, The HOchieS are running a competition.

Unlike the last time when we taxed your very creative, witty brains for entries; this Blog-away/giveaway's rules are very simple.

To Enter, we need you frenemies to do the following:

1. Leave 5 comments per person on this post and be sure to include your Word Verification in the comments left.

We are going to trust you all to give us your first word verification received, whatever that may be, and not refresh the page for one you think is hilarious.

The whole point of this exercise is that the Blog is going to be "choosing" the winners.  We all know the Blog is not the most uhh...friendly of entities, but it often gives us real gems disguised as word verifications.

EDIT and UPDATE to the RULES (posted on 10/22/2010 at 10:30 p.m.):

At H1's suggestion, we will be running this competition for 5 days only (one day for each year the Blog has been alive).

Each person may leave one comment a day for each of those 5 days, OR 5 comments in total during the competition period (and don't forget you must include your word verification).  At the end of the 5 days, we may compile the word verifications during that period and see who fared best.

We're doing this because one word verification per person for the whole time may not decide clear winners.  Hey, leaving 5 each could mean they're all crappy (depends on what the Blog decides he wants to give you) but we think the chances at getting something good may be increased this way.

IMPORTANT: The Competition starts TODAY! and ends at 11 p.m. on October 27th, 2010 at 11 p.m.

The Prizes

Kid Robot's Mongers Toys
Series 1: Menthols (2 boxes bought)
Series 2: Filter Kings (3 boxes bought)
Series 1: The possibilities are endless.  I hope someone gets bacon.
Series 2: More possibilities.  I hope no repeat of the Drake incident.
As you all know, one of my favourite things to do with Beetchie is go to Toy Tokyo and we each buy a blind box of toys.  Capsule machines and blind box toys are an unhealthy obsession of mine (silence! I know I have many!), but this one... oh ho ho.  It's bad.  And it's bad for a couple of reasons (other than it being hilariously ridiculous and hilariously sad), such as the example here and here.

Fortunately for you guys, I did not pick these toys for myself so your chances may be pretty good at getting something you actually find amusing from this batch.  My luck is good for others, just not for myself.

I also feel I must apologize to Beetchie in advance - there just weren't any other good toys for me to run for this competition! They ran out of the Japanese Poop toys!

The HOchieS will pick 5 winning entries (or the 5 who fared best with their WVs), and these 5 will be the proud owners of 1 new Monger toy each.

And why wouldn't you want a Monger toy?

I mean...just look at them.

Good Luck!


  1. FIRST!

    Captcha word...


    ....don't know how that's particularly hilarious, but I did for a moment think that it said "Did E poo?"(Which if you know anything about my life is something I have to pick up quite regularly >_<...)

  2. Do I get to win one?

    wv: gunbrop.


    - H1

    p.s. I also think that we should run this comp for five days - one day for each year - and then either compile the wvs for that time and see who fared best. Bloggie Boo speak to us!

  3. Indeed, Beetchie.

    I too thought that was an awful shiddy WV that the Bloggie Boo gave you.

    That or something Diddy related, which makes you automatically disqualified. Hahahahaha, just kidding.

    H1's a better reader of the WVs than I. Perhaps she will be able to shed some light on this.

  4. P.S. Beetchie,

    I don't know why but your "FIRST" comment cracked me the hell up.

  5. H1...

    I'm not sure if you get to enter. Seriously, that might be kind of funny. And not 'cause the toy would end up in my collection, no! There are no shenanigans here! None!

    Gunbrop? Eh?

    I think Bloggie Boo is going to make this a really hard competition or really has no desire to make you a winner. He's a biatch.

    I think you're right. One word verification allowed a day because with these crazy words it's giving us, it might make it harder to pick someone.

    I'm Editing the Rules right now!



    "As in I speaka inglysi"

    I feel profiled.

  7. WV: gonic

    Gonic, or Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that supports the normal development of an egg in a woman's ovary, and stimulates the release of the egg during ovulation.

    HCG is used to cause ovulation and to treat infertility in women, and to increase sperm count in men. HCG is also used in young boys when their testicles have not dropped down into the scrotum normally. This can be caused by a pituitary gland disorder.

    HCG may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide

    What's the blog trying to imply here?

  8. Bughie J.,

    I actually think the blog meant 2nd reference in the Urban Dictionary:

    Abnormay skinny person who tries to be all "in the crowd" but cannot be.
    "That bitch over their is so gonic!"

    or perhaps, gonič of istarski oštrodlaki gonič fame. An Istrian Coarse-haired hound.

    My own WV for today: unklogis. nice Bloggie Boo. Nice.

  9. Apparently the blog thinks this competition is poo and should be flushed down the "tallyt."

  10. WV: dentsp

    As in, I think we are all "dentsp" for even allowing this damn word verification exercise to control us so!

  11. Sounds like I have a lisp now doesn't it?

  12. Hrm.

    WV: whograi

    Eh? As in "whhooonnnn graiiii"...okay at least I tried...darn blog!

  13. the callous bughie jSun Oct 24, 02:26:00 AM 2010

    wv: magginse

    a product that recovering crack addicts in "at-risk youth" programs sell door to door in the suburbs?

    Recovering Crackhead: Would you care to purchase a magginse subscription, and help at risk youth?

    Me: No.

    (end scene)

  14. Eh!?

    Longest WV ever...


  15. the tedduous bughie jMon Oct 25, 06:58:00 AM 2010

    wv: teddu

    what's the big teddu?

  16. Gen Frien': that's an odd spelling of chocobo the Blog gave to you... tugging at my heart strings! Unless I misread that...

    Bughie J. - the blog is effin' with you.

  17. Well, the Blog has turned lispy Canadian. He wants to know what the heck everyone is on "abooth"

    BB, I am on abooth nothingh.

    - H1

  18. Abooth?!

    Canadian with a lisp for you... Partial Serial Killer for me.

    WV; Exter

  19. Der Schwalrztwalder Bughie JTue Oct 26, 02:29:00 AM 2010

    wv: anschaut

    Wir bloggen viele Worter mit dem Anschaut! Entshuldigung! Frohe Geburtstag! Tanzen in den Bibliotek! Uberhaupt rechts! Was sagen sie? Haben sie schmecken frankfurters? Ja oder nein? Eins oder Zwei? Es tut mir leid, Deutschland!

  20. Got mah 5, BeetchieTue Oct 26, 01:39:00 PM 2010

    WV: Refane

    Oh. So. Lame.

  21. Ancelate.

    This gd demon blog. Yes I'm late but how the eff did he/she know that and who is ancel?

  22. I think, MC, the blog may have been saying something to the effect of 'ass' / ance. As in - you are ass late. yes. The blog has a lisp as both TD5 and H1 have pointed out.

    Bughie J., did the blog curse you out in German?!

    WV: hesses

  23. Hmmm..."pupgraba"

    a. Literally a pup graba (poor puppies)
    b. "pup, grab for X"
    c. kinda seems like a boob grabber, and therefore, kinda creepy..
    d. new term for cougar? is H1 a pupgraba then???

  24. Hey I got a regular word: Match!!

    Its like Mitch with an 'a' or Matisyahu with an 'isyu'. Awesome bloggie boo, still creepy, but awesome

  25. dishet. As in MC you are Di-sheeeeet. Blog you rock

  26. "knivery"

    what I shall be practicing on MC for being stupeed, or more importantly, on a pork chop for lunch.

  27. I got *pandsm*


  28. "ishoseds"
    What ishoseds (I should have said) was that I would practice my knivery on everyone up in heya and win this thing. Yea bloggie boo, you got my back.

  29. The blog thinks next time, the prize should be rum.

    WV: dorom.

    Yes, BB, next time we will do rum.

    - H1

  30. i know the competition is over but it would be *medness* if i do not win. LOL!
    That's the WV for today.


  31. oh Anj, that was pretty good. Hmm. Consolation prize? Haha. I still have to announce the winners! H1 and I will figure it out by this weekend. Now, it's off to bed with me... long day at work tomorrow.

  32. The Bloggie says that I am Kingeous! And he is right.

    - H1


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