Monday, October 04, 2010

It Was Somebody's Birthday Yesterday (Just Not Mine)

When you last saw this HOchie, I was a different person.
Well, I wasn't really a different person per say but yesterday I did not turn 3.  That was today!

Happy Birthday to Me! And more importantly, thank you to all for the Birthday wishes!

It is time to list the loot!

1. From CLee - Birthday wishes at 00:19 a.m. via Bloggie Boo.  Thanks CLee! You were first on the day! Then a call from CLee too.  I like.

2. From Bughie J.- Birthday wishes and future pyos.  Pssttt, Bughie J.! Here they are! "No More Heroes 2" , "Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep", "Professor Layton Series (1, 2, 3!)", "Kuroshitsuji II", "Muramasa: The Demon Blade".

He also gave me a Futurama song courtesy of the gang:

Though you know Fry, I don't smell like a Nibbler.  Yuck.

3. A 3 a.m. wake up call from The Pumps.  He nuzzled his head under my chin. Thanks ass, thanks.

4. 'Tude from Jazzie cat.  Thanks ass, thanks.

5. Birthday Wishes from X and Ghost Trick! I can't wait until it comes out.  I'll be sure to do lots of possession and haunting, just for you, X.

6. From Moodou - Pac-Man Noises: Level 1.

7. From Andy Pandy - "a frickin' awesome day.' I corrected it to a 'frakkin' awesome day'.  He must have lost himself for a minute.

8. Happy Birthday songs from B'Cheeks and A'Face.  Awww.

9. A half-questioning/have declaration from Aims.  "It is your birthday".  Thanks, Aims!

10. A hug from Alex Frien'.  She hearts me, she does.

11. Hugs from Sandy Cheeks! and a song.
12. Virtual cake with the a "3" on it, from Broseph.  It was hilarious.  And true.

13. Clothes from Momma and Papa HOchie.  Nice clothes.  I always need clothes.  I am very grateful.

14. A box of Ferrero Rocher from Papa HOchie.  I may have just enough to share...

15. Food from Momma HOchie.  Look at it!

white rice, plum sauce shrimp, green beans, chinese-style fried chicken

Yummy - pork and bat ears. 
16. An advance half-assed Birthday 'shout out' from MC, who is currently away.

17. A very nice hug and a Birthday song from BH.

18. From Sons - a Birthday text

19. Ah, the Birthday Box from H1, BH and Luuuuiiiiisssss:

Ooo, stuff.  What's that in the corner?

Something dangerous!

A Bob-omb!

A Hello Kitty camera! Hm.  Along with the Bob-omb, I believe I bought these..
Mad World! What to expect? I'm not sure.
Viewtiful Joe 2! Now to go get Part 1.  No worries, H1.  I wanted them both!
Awww, Watanuki.  I luz him.
Over 165 puzzles, aye? More like over 165 headaches! I love this damned series.
The Doctor Who obsession continues!

This time with a Yellow Dalek! And Tardis.  Ooo, interchangeable face plates.  I like.
Uh, that I don't like so much.  A scary, Weeping Angel.  Nightmares!
20. H1 also baked me Tres Leches cake.  It was awesome.  And here are the awesome pictures of it.  Ah, memories of two hours ago.

Yum.  It was made with luz from H1, and condensed milk.

21. Birthday Wishes from Frass, for the Birthday Month.  It's true, my Birthday Month is here.  He knows.  Update on 10/10/10: He also bought me Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time (DS).  Thanks! There was some confusion for some time as I thought I accidentally bought it for myself since the bill said I purchased it.

22. A Birthday call from Kansas City from Brother Bunji (and maybe promises of a 3DS? Complete with
"What did I get you?"
"Hahaha, that's right!"
"Nothing now but a 3DS later!"
"Yeah.  How much is that gonna cost?"
"I don't know.  They haven't priced it yet!"
"How much do you think?"
"ummm...::small, innocent voice:: about $250 to $300"
"Goddamn it, Budgie!\"
"Well you wanted to buy me an Ipod Touch! That costs more! Plus, I'd buy my own 3DS! Except...I'd need help with some games..."

Yeah... on paper, this isn't sounding so good.

23. And finally, a glaring absence of Birthday wishes on the day from TD5 and Beetchie.  Well, well, well.  Seems like two frenemies will be vying for the top of the Grievance List this year.  Indeed.

Update on 10/05/2010: Beetchie claims she was in Surgery class and therefore could not call me.  TD5 claims he tried to call me yesterday but did not get through.  I might have to call shenanigans!

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