Friday, December 31, 2010

Old Year's Night 2010 with The Cheat, Diderick, Gnomey-Gnome and The HOchieS

The festivities are only now beginning, so I will update as to the happenings some time soon.

Will there be potentially incriminating photos?

Yes, probably.

It's already 2011 somewhere in the world but here in our little corner, we're still waiting to usher in the new year with the rest of you.

The update will come soon!

Here's the Update! (01/01/2011):

There was much scandal this year.  Yes, much indeed.

The Cheat and Diderick dined on mince and slices of quince, or what we HOchieS like to call, all of this:

piggies in blankets
Mushroom wraps
Cheesey dip with crackers and a fancy dip spread thingy-majig.
Cheesey Olive bread.  Always awesome.
stuffed mushrooms.  even more awesome.
For luck, health and all the good things - black eyed peas pelau
In addition to the mince and slices of quince, The Cheat and Diderick did some boozing.  This year, Gnomey-Gnome was spared some floozies and the dangers of getting into too much of the 'spirits'.  He is happily sleeping at the moment but not from the scandalous drunken night The Cheat and Diderick had...

Hugging an empty bottle of booze.  That's Diderick for you.
A fight? I'm not sure what happened here.

The mean ones come out to play when the alcohol is in the bay.  Uh.  Or the cat's away?
Empty bottles make for a great party game.  Or something.
He's not going to remember any of this.
Not a thing.

No matter how much they try, there's no more left.
And the realization sets in...
The best approach is to grab a friend (identity protected) and lament your loss.  Talk it out, The Cheat.  Talk it out.


  1. going sleep-time. HNY Hos. xoxo Moodou

    vw:defug (as in "that chick was def(initely) ug(ly)"

  2. Happy New Year, X and Moodou!

    that's right, you go to sleep will not be 'defug'. The blog, it knows.

    It saw the drunken mess those four got into. Yeesh, did you see those pictures?

  3. That was some craaaazeeee drunkard-ness. Apparently you need to stock more Johnny next year. Sigh. They won't remember a thing, but pictures don't lie. And if the Cheat thinks that early morning confession will do him any good, he has another thing coming. TD5's cross seems to have exploded into nothingness from the reeking of scotch on the Cheat's breathe. For shame.

    wv: waretele
    drunk slurred Bajan pronunciation of "what I told him"

    The Cheat to TD5: Waretele was that he could have one sip, but he drink de whole bottle widout me!!

  4. I'm confused. Who/what is The Cheat?

    But LOL @ waretele/what i told him

  5. X: These pictures were almost too scandalous to publish.

    Frass, how long have I known you and you do not know The Cheat? Shameful.

  6. It's no secret that I pay little attention to you most days. haha ;) Is it that big yellow thing?

    wv: yotic

  7. well someone is really gunning for first place on the grievance list this year.

    Frass, please watch these:

    Then we can talk.

    wv: dippi

  8. Oh, that thing that I never liked. lol Now it all makes sense.

    wv: mingstie

  9. Yet he still gets to go home with cakes and the likes. I who have loved the cheat long time, get nothing.

    BTW-Who is that masked man hugging on the cheat? LOL

    Dem pig in a blanket looking like the shiznit


  10. Frass... I don't understand you.

    MC, it's true. You have been good friends with The Cheat for quite the while. And what can I say, almost everyone likes to hug up on The Cheat as evidenced by that masked man.

    But if you have complaints about the 2 cakes and the good food, you need to take it up with Momma HOchie. I don't give him special treatment. Honest.

    wv: mundse

  11. Let us make sure and not tell MC about the upcoming curry duck lime. Nothing like a hot curry duck in winter!

    wv: schia

    The blog wants MC to stick to his chia pets.

  12. The schia pet is awesome.

    Yeah...let's not rub in the curry duck. Poor thing...there's only so much he can take, probably.

    wv: squedul


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