Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well, then...

This is awfully...


I don't want to say awful but it really kind of is...kind of awful.

Plenty kind of awful.


Here's what I think, truly.  It's everything from the last two albums I did not fancy mixed into one track (think Knights of Cydonia (which I really dislike no matter what any of you louts say; that song is mostly lame) plus United States of Eurasia (which as the name implies was full of rot)) but will sound amazing in concert (no surprise) and somehow manages to be ever so slighty less agitating.  As an Olympic Theme, I can give it a pass in its ridiculousness.

What else can I say about it? I can say it's actually typical later Muse and not the dreadful influenced drivel I was expecting since the Unmentionable happened.  I'm still expecting some of that on the new album but it's not present here.  A glimmer of hope, perhaps?

And the end of this song?

It is in no way awesome.  It's in no way a "Whhaauuhhhtt" in your face sort of awesome.

It's more of a "Whhhaaaaatttt" disbelief reaction in its terribleness.

Yep, it totally smells like dog buns.

Currently: Unamused.

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