Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Fun in Midtown: Part I

That's the most blatant lie I have ever written.  There is nothing fun about Summer!

I suppose there are some fun things that happen during those evil months though, that make you 'happy' to be working in Manhattan.

For instance, for three days the dark corridor restaurants of Rockefeller Center hosted $10 and under tasting lunches on the Plaza.

The thought of being out there with tourists and suits was almost too much to bear but what's more important? My anger or my need for a burger?

From past entries in this madhouse of a blog, it should be perfectly clear who the winner is.

So on Wednesday, the 21st of July, off we went with Alex to discover what goodness awaited.

With no line at Brasserie Rhulman, I went ahead and got a Kobe burger with everything, plus a mint lemonade.

Hooray for eating mushrooms 
and kicking them down 
in the Summer and Fall months.
Notice the potato chips on the side, too.

Yes, everything included onions.  
I was not about to be brave.  I removed them.
And yes, Frass.  I ate my lettuce and tomato.  I did.

You cannot really tell the high quality 
of the meat from the picture but it's wagyu.  
It's good stuff.  Really good.  
And do you see the size of that patty? It's not right.

Tart.  Refreshing? Yeah.  But tart.

I did feel as though it could have used a bit more salt but as I said, the quality was amazing and oh, it also came with blue cheese which is one of my favs.  The best part about this meal was what came after.  We discovered that if I were to have this meal at the actual restaurant, it would have cost me $23.00.  This burger, minus the fries (but replaced by chips) cost $9.00.  Good food for cheap is always welcome.  Of course, free and good is even better but I am thankful for the little things.

Alex and H1 went off to get Bill's Burger.  This place is supposed to be the 'rival' to Shake Shack.  I tasted a fail.  Shake Shack still rules.

 Check out the smoke.  That's Bill's smoke.

And this is Bill's Burger.

Looks harmless.  Tastes salt-less.

That Thursday, you know we had to go back for $1.00 Ben & Jerry's scoops of ice-cream, right? Yeah.  $1.00 a scoop.  Hooyeah.

The Ben & Jerry's Story will be in a separate Part II edition Bloggie Post, but be warned...there are offending images like this one:

 Surrounded by Suits!!!!!!!!

Currently listening to: "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  Damned hippies.

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