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Trippin' to PA: Trains and The Great Pretzel Debate on Day 3

Our final morning in PA was spent going to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania right near the Choo Choo Barn.  The museum housed old trains and pieces of American history.  The space was dark, the air was still, and all I could think about was asbestos.

I do that a lot.

It was kind of beautiful in there and there were lots to marvel at, if I cared enough.

Bwahaha, no, no.

I marveled, I marveled.

And now, you will too.

I considered standing in the middle of the railroad track to take a picture.  But then I considered I should not tempt fate.
I'm not sure what the towering vat is for.  It shows just how much I actually learned.  But I did marvel at it!

Good Ol' 7002
Can you explain to me why I was obsessed with the trains' signal lights?
I loved looking down the long tracks of this space. 
I did not like the Section Gang, however.
Especially this guy.  If you click the picture to enlarge (at your own risk!), you'll see what I saw.
That's right, a piercing blue eyed serial killer by night, and a Section Gang worker by day.  It's a blasted rouse!
with is friend the zombie.
Fruit Purveyors! Not quite, I guess.  I got excited a bit hastily.  I'm sure H1 felt the same way.  She's a fruit hog.
What did the trains roll on throughout America? Sugar.  Makes me want a sugar cane to chew on.  Next trip to Trinidad, think I can get one of those again? Clee, please keep that in mind.
America has to have it's sugar and cigars.  It's the breakfast of champions.
It was imperative I take this picture.  Blame, you know who.
Also imperative I take this one...obsessed.  The signal lights were subliminal messages.
Bends and lights.
I waited and waited for my train to come in.
had time for a meal and still nothing.  So this is what they served on dining cars in 1935.  It does not look very appetizing but I suppose if you were 76 years old, you wouldn't look too appetizing either.  Bwahahaha.  I keed.
BH made me go under this thing to marvel at the mechanics of the train.  I'll spare you those pictures.
Aww, cute.
oooo, write me up a one way ticket to NY please, sir.  Sir? Uh, Sir? Hm.
The Railroad Museum also had a children's section filled with legos and toy train cars for them to play with, interactive puzzles and some books to read.

All of our friends were there in Lego City.

I was encouraged to build my own scene and so I did.  Every good man needs his murse.
Lego City or Gotham? I'm not sure but whatever it is, Batman needs to stop chilling by taking in a movie at the local theatre. 
There's some serious shady guerrilla warfare about to go down.
Buzz? ...shady, I tell you!
And a freaking prostitution ring across the street operating out of a hotel.
Corrupt business men and more prostitution rings at a different hotel! All this while Batman takes a break at the cinema.  Pure, bullshit.
After saying goodbye to ladies of the night, the trains, the signal lights and the serial killers at the Transit Museum, we went to the store to pick up a Sarsaparilla.  It's the thing to do around these parts.

Ice cold, and it tastes familiar.  Like a saloon fight.  Or made me want to have one.  No no.  It's not quite mauby but it is tree bark like in taste (also, that's some nice holding of bottles, H1).
We also had a strawberry cream which was way too sweet.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting for some reason.
Somehow, I managed to buy a pound and a half of fudge of all flavours at the Strasburg Sweet and Treats Shop.  The vanilla was the best and I have yet to eat more than the taste I had.  American fudge is just okay but give me some Trinidadian vanilla fudge and I am set.

What the fudge?! The peanut butter and chocolate one was okay too.  That bubble gum one was uh, not as life changing as I thought it would be.
Next we got on the road to head to the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory for a little tour and a little HOchieS' controversy.

From the outside.
Admission tickets.  Please notice the pretzel on the stub.  You'll need it for reference for later.
I must say that of all the little tours of places we went to during this trip to PA, I probably enjoyed going to the Julius Sturgis pretzel place and doing the tour the most.

It was here, we got to learn all about the oldest commercial pretzel making company in America and we even got to learn how to make our very own pretzels.

This is where the Great Pretzel Debate comes in.

H1 and I had our own sections of the table to work at.  We both followed instructions and passed with flying colours.  In fact, we both got our pretzel making certificates! We're certified now.  I know, feel free to gush over us.  We're awesome that way.  Although, we were told that the certificates would not actually let us make any money from this because we'd get paid 1861 fees... anyway, that aside...

H1 thinks she made the better pretzel.  She insists that she is the best pretzel maker around here.

H1's Pretzel.  Not so bad, H1.
I disagree.

The pictures will show that I am clearly the more skilled pretzel maker.

Oh yeah, H1? Well BOOYAH! Look at mine! It's beauooootiful!
My pretzel may not be round, fat and as neat as H1's but damn it, when mine is baked I'm going to have signature pretzel bow tie edges!



So fierce was this debate (and still is today), that H1 at the time of this pretzel making event, tried to shut me up by shoving me into one of original ovens at Julius Sturgis.

That bitch tried to Gretel me!

With one eye constantly open on H1, we went out into the shop and bought a freshly made soft pretzel which was rather disappointing, an awesome Julius Sturgis shirt and got samples of pre-packaged hard pretzels.  Those were the best damned pretzels I ever ate.

They tasted as good as my certified pretzel looked.

Railroad Museum of Pennslyvania
300 Gap Road
Strasburg, PA 17579

Phone: 717 687-8628 

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery
219 East Main St. (Route 772)
Lititz, PA 17543
Phone:  717-626-4354

Missed some of our time spent in PA? Click here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

Fellow 3DS Cool Kids Met Via Streetpass at on Day 3 on 7/07/2011: 0 kids.  Cool kids apparently do not hang out at the RR Museum of PA or at Julius Sturgis less they be too be Gretel'd.

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