Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday Disappointment, Part I: Mario 3D Land in Times Square

What can you say about people?

They're the scum of the earth!

Alright, so not everyone can be classed as scum but this past Saturday morning proved to be quite trying when The HOchieS' ventured to Times Square to attend Nintendo's Super Mario 3D Land Event.

I shaved all but my Nintendo of America? How...crude.

Nintendo could not be held responsible for every ill-mannered person I encountered (and there were a lot), however I will say that some of the headache could have been avoided if Nintendo had crowd control with a few roped areas and barriers to create a single filed line.  Something so simple ruined our morning, and it started so well too...

Before it all went to shart, we got to Times Square a few minutes before 10 a.m.  It was crowded as expected but having been to many of these Nintendo Events in the past, I can vouch for the NY Nintendo regulars for the most part.  They're an organized bunch and such was the line when we arrived.  It was orderly and we all waited anxiously and happily for the chance to hop, skip and jump through Mario's 3D Land Re-creation.

Excitement was high and we were having fun.  Also, the lure of some Tanooki ears and tail was just too awesome a chance to not pass up.  

And really? What's not to be excited about? There's a freaking Bullet Bill with a Tanooki tail for crap's sake!

Look at it...isn't it beooutifuuull??
Creepy Marios were running through the crowd.

Had I known it was going to go to shart, I would have yoinked some ears and a tail off one of these Marios.  Mario wouldn't mind, right?
About an hour and a half in, as it got later in the day and the city became even more crowded, two problems arose.

1.  Some tourists are not often the brightest.  You see a very densely packed crowd...do you really think it's okay to wander through the crowd and push your way through?

2.  People who came late decided there was no need for a line and eff everyone who was standing there.  With their arsenal of strollers complete with babies, and children, they barreled through everyone standing there and broke the line.  With the pushing to the front, the line completely fell apart and no moving with tempers flaring, and verbally abusive fights breaking out - we had no choice but to leave.  It was getting dangerous and we felt the simple addition of a rope line would have greatly helped the situation.

Disappointed, we left without our ears and tail, and no ridiculous slide or playground to run through. So dangerous and frustrating the situation became, that I decided I need to write Nintendo of America.

I wrote a very lengthy e-mail.  I think Nintendo needed to know what a dangerous disaster the potentially fun event could have been.  I know not everyone had the same experience we did but a lot of people did have the frustration we had.

A Nintendo Representative wrote me back and asked that I call, as they thought the situation warranted discussion.

I called, a representative listened and promised to send the e-mail to the proper department.  I am thankful they listened because hey, maybe this will be somewhat of a lesson learnt and something to seriously consider for future events.

What I really want are some Tanooki ears and tail but I highly doubt Nintendo will do me a kindness.  Haha.  Although, if they really wanted to make things better...that beautiful Legend of Zelda 3DS would make things better. 


Uh huh, that's not going to happen.

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