Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thor's Day

Everything about this day has been off.

Of all the days of the week, Thursdays are the days I hate the most.  This has been ongoing for some years now but it always seems like bad things happen on Thursdays, at least in my mind.

That bad feeling I just could not shake was not helped any by the news that a gunman tragically took the life of 5 people in Seattle yesterday.  My very great Gen' Frien' lives out there and thankfully, she is fine but it turns out the area in which the incidents occurred is one she frequents and almost did yesterday.

Frass is also well, having not heard from him in days after the zombie incident - another sad and scary event.

When I got to work and to cheer my spirits, roommate TonA had written "It's Thor's Day!" and scribbled a lightning bolt on our community white board (she has been a constant ear to my ramblings about anything and everything Loki/Tom H. and we have bonded solidly for the past month over Avengers).

Side Note: Last week for Fleet Week, I drew a Sailor.  Or... a Sailor Madeleine.  With a boomerang.

In keeping with bad drawing tradition, I decided at 8:45 this morning to poorly sketch a Thor.

Those aren't khakis but Pajama Pants.  Halloween plans to go as Thor and Loki in Pajamas are underway for TonA and I.

For my efforts, I received an "F- -" from H1.

But the true "F - -" moment came when Alex made a sighting as to a tall, blonde celebrity outside our building while one of our co-workers spoke to him.

And we later found out that it was indeed Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.


Freakin' THOR was in my building and I had a missed opportunity to have him sign my Thor dog tag that I've had on my person for the past month.  And I missed my opportunity to tell him that while he was good in Avengers, my favourite was Tom.  Because I'm a fool who would say that and profess my obsession with the God of Mischief to the God of Thunder.

Six Degrees of Separation, I guess.

Me ---> Co-Worker G.Med ----> Thor/Chris Hemsworth ----> Loki/Tom Hiddleston + ???? = Profit


  1. This plan receives The Underpants Gnomes Stamp of Approval.

    1. In this case, I hope profit means Loki. Not necessarily underpants. Wait. What?


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