Saturday, May 22, 2010

For The Love of Swag

The current Nerdom Cycle I am going through is the one involving playing video games.

I wonder why it is most people are obsessed with 'free' when nothing in life truly is.

I joined Club Nintendo more than two years ago and have for the past two years attained Platinum Elite Status.  What that means, is that I have probably spent way too much money on buying video games and/or consoles or hand-helds.

It also means that for every purchase I make of a game published by Nintendo, I earn Mario Coins to collect things I do not need, from an exclusive club that has a bunch of sometimes crappy things made exclusively for fans.

I know it's not really free, but it is kinda cute to get rewards for money I would probably spend anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, for my dedication to the Club and my 2 years of total non-fan boy behaviour (Beetchie, I am not a fan boy!), I received an invitation to RSVP for an exclusive event.

Some errors later, my name was on the RSVP list and H1 and I attended the pre-release party for the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Where in the World are the HOchieS? And what the heck is that?

No need to scream.  It's just Mario.  
It's not as though it's Luigi or anything.  
Please keep the excitement to a minimum.

I didn't take my picture with him.  
He disappeared before I could.  
So sad...Mario and Mari-Ho in the same picture? 
The world may have imploded.

I think everyone went upstairs to preview the game...

What the heck...?

H1 was super-impressed that there was food.

Hey, nerds need to eat too, you know.  
Apparently nerds eat high-class like.

So truth be told, I attended the event for the swag.  Nintendo, from past experience, gives pretty good stuff.  At the very least, I could expect a t-shirt.  Well I got my t-shirt and a bit more! My guest also got swag.  I paid a lot in the past two years to get swag, damn it so you best be sure my guest will benefit too!

A bag.  
Boo-Head has already been wearing his.

Space food.  How...clever.

Tang.  Oooo.

Tang, mixed.  Uh...ooohh..?

 A poster which I did not get signed by the voice actor of Mario.  
I suck.

H1's shirt.  Awww.

The logo on the back.  Awww.

And my T-shirt design.  Dash Pepper! I can't wait to play.

We did not stay for the majority of the event because as I said, I really only went for the swag.  We did not partake in the trivia games or test the game itself.  I can play that later this week when it is released and shipped to me.

So, that's done.
It was both fun and lame but I'm really glad I went.

Hopefully there will be some sort of event I can attend for the next Legend of Zelda.

P.S. I am still not a Nintendo Fan Boy.

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