Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Amidst the heavy rains, flooded basements and the chaos that ensued, another tragic event was waiting in the wings.

The Crown Jewel, worthy to be placed in the Tower of London, met with an unfortunate end yesterday.

In my heart, when the phone rang, I immediately knew without being told that a disaster had struck.  A Queen knows when there is a major loss of one of her priceless jewels.

Think of all the custard batches that could have been made!

H1 claims it slipped out of her hand.

When asked, I will claim that 'off with her head' slipped out of my mouth.


  1. The Blog says that Sally did it. Not H1.

    wv: Sally.

    - Anon.

  2. The Blog says hangsa. That is it. AS chief advisor, Bloggie Boo says Sally is to be hanged. Hangs her.

    wv: hangsa

    - H1

  3. The blog is wise. I'll see to it as soon as I find this Sally person.

  4. Something strange is going on!!! The Blog is calling for the Twardist!!! is the Doctor going to save Sally? Restore the Crown Jewel?

    wv: twardist.

    - H1

  5. The blog needs to stop calling for The Doctor! This Sally means nothing to me!

    Should I be worried?!?!?

  6. Apparently you need to qivel.

    Quiver? with fear?

    wv: qivel.

    - H1

  7. Blasted Blog bring down the wrath of The Doctor on me.

    well, wait.

    Let us re-think this...maybe this'll be a good thing!

    Please be Tennant, please be Tennant...

  8. wv: stindr

    i don't know what the blog is trying to tell me.

    i do mourn the loss of any good ingredient however.

  9. Stindr, huh?

    Does this mean it's not Dr. Who Tennant? Who's this Dr. Stin? Matt Smith?! I'll take him too.

    Although I can't be sure if that's really what bloggie means...

    A spin doctor?!


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