Sunday, April 03, 2011

Zarnyx: The Nintendo 3DS Edition

I have had the 3DS for just shy of an entire week.

I did not attend the Best Buy Union Square NYC Launch Party, I canceled my pre-order on Amazon and opted instead, to pre-order the thing at damned Nintendo World in NYC.

It was the wrong move to make and I knew as much a week before the blasted thing launched.

I got zero swag from Nintendo World, and just about as much fanfare on the Monday - one day after its U.S. launch.

The girl who rang me up at 9 a.m. was less than enthusiastic.

While I was not impressed by the swag anyway (sour grapes! sour grapes! - no really, the case would have been awesome but everything else was mostly 'meh'), it still sucks to get nothing when I'm used to the opposite.

But that's okay.

I love my Aqua Blue.  For the most part.

Zarnyx, the Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS.

I bought two games for it thus far which I have yet to play and probably won't for some time.  Beetchie, stop making fun of me for having a game schedule (and currently being behind in that schedule).

I do not love 3D.  I never bought it for 3D.  As I say with all my systems, I buy them for the games I want to play that are exclusive to such things.

The 3D is dodgy at best.  It works great, yes.  My eyes are actually able to see it, yes (for sometime, I suspected 3D may not have worked on me...).  It hurts like a mother-chucker, YES.  My first few seconds of 3D play made my eyes feel strained and hurt for the rest of the afternoon.  It was...awful.  Then I played more on the train that same night, and that was not so bad.

I let the week go by before I put the 3D effect on ever so slightly again,  and that too hurt.  Probably not as bad as the first time but it still did.  My eyes take a while to adjust and I am not fond of forcing them to do something they probably should not be doing.  They'll probably thank me for that too.

I do not love the camera.  Okay, so I should not expect much from it in a concert setting but it was particularly heinous when I tested it a couple of nights ago.  I was in a fairly well-lit area, fourth row from the stage and still...still it failed to take something great.  Ah well.

Now that I got that hate fest out of the way, let me say it again - I love my Aqua Blue.

I love that there is a pedometer.  Well, I loved it more before I realized it was capping my play coins to 10 earned per day.

Zarnyx's operation manual is thick (granted its in about 3 or 2 different languages).  I should probably read it.  Bwahahaha, like that will ever happen.  Hm.
I love the AR games.  I'm not sure why they all end with dragons but it's pretty funny.  Archery's great, AR Shot is not as great, fishing is wonderful and reminds me that an Animal Crossing 3D game will be coming around sometime, and Graffiti is lovely.  I really liked dotting H1's table with ghosts, then drawing a rainbow-riffic Pac-Man to chase them around the table.  Also, erase Death by Pig is the best.

But probably what I love the most? Streetpass.

I did not buy Super Street Fighter IV, and did not get to battle anyone yet with Streetpass but the Mii feature associated with Streetpass is fun.  Swapping puzzle pieces and having an Army of your fellow nerds fight for you in Find Mii has been cute, glorious, simple enjoyment.

And for almost the entire week, I had no friends.  The Plaza was sad and had only Zarnyx - lingering there by himself (disguised as a girl! because Zarnyx would not be caught ded in those ugly pants), with his half-smile at no one.

Indeed.  I walk by Nintendo World twice every day and no one's got Streetpass? Psh.
Lonely for five days until Friday night...

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