Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stepping In

Last Christmas, we gifted Kimpossible and MC a friend.

At the early stages of her life, she was one fabulous little child.

Adorable, don't you think?

Both style and attitude with those piercing, lovely green eyes - it was clear to The HOchieS that Miss Ultra-Fab was destined for greatness.

Some weeks went by with no word on how the child was doing but sure enough, doting daddy MC sent a picture update along.

H1 insisted that the child's hair needing cutting.  I was initially unimpressed by the high top fade, citing parental abuse - who in their right mind wants their child to be looking like a by-product of the 80's? I mean, least, you could do a braid or get her some jellies.  SOMETHING!

But you know, reflecting on this picture now, it's just all part of the super style this child obviously continues to have.

I mean, she made friends with an orange, as you can clearly see.

She's a popular one, that.

Obviously, when you got it, you got it.  And when you got it, you have to accessorize who your friends are.

Clearly that orange does not look like much now, but wait until you see it dolled up.

More weeks passed by and finally a new update came, with an alarming message.  Kimpossible was speaking the impossible - she wanted to throw the child away.

MC, caring father that he is, saved his child from certain doom i.e. the rubbish.

Though, I have to question, what sort of parent he truly is if he sits idly by and takes pictures of the child instead of properly maintaining her hair before snapping photos.

Of course the world needs to see such class but first, this child demands a stylist.

I mean, okay.  It's a pretty cute style.

But I think we're all missing the point here.  H1 and I are going to step in and re-claim the kid because this talk of garbage throwing is very disturbing.

Granted, I do not know how much longer the world can handle the hotness and it may very well be her time to bring that shine some place else but still...

She still looks as though she can do tons of damage here.

Her glory days are not over!


  1. NYC aint ready for her flava. Daddy's little girl needs to stay in Knoxville a little longer, although I have to keep a close eye on her...

    WV:ovenin, as in mommy will put me in the oven. Save me daddy...

  2. What.

    I don't know, next story I hear from you will be a bad one and I don't think my little heart can take it.


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