Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday: Misadventures of the Snowy Kind, Part I

This story actually began on Wednesday with the start of a fresh new storm from the perpetual four day cycle of snow storms we seem to be stuck in.

This storm, however, was going to be one of the bigger ones with an estimated 8 to 12 inches.  At the end of it all on Thursday morning, it dumped 19 inches in NYC.  The buses were not running in the city, and our train was on a Saturday schedule with delays but being the brave little HOchieS that we are, we went to work.

Really what happened was, H1 kinda had to go in because it would more beneficial for her in the long run.  So away we went!

It was lovely out with all the pure white, fresh fallen snow.  It was also incredibly sunny too, as if nothing had happened as the sky was a radiant blue.

 It was all so calm and peaceful out there but then we got into Manhattan.

The streets were a damned mess! As expected, of course
Manhattan was chock full of snow and pigeons.
No! No. 5 is a ridiculous name! I call this one... Pigeon Soup.

The snow attacked a car park.
This man is either a trooper (like we were for going to work) or hanging out.  I suspect hanging out.  I feel angry.
Poor bastard tree.
And here's the bastard mountain of snow that was at all as a delivery truck.  It at least covered part of the Fox News ticker.  And being unable to see Faux News is always a blessing.
So we worked for a while, and the day was not wasted.  We also went home early to avoid any potential freezing issues or train suspension services, which was most welcome.  It was especially welcome since we decided to go get some of the best fish n' chips eva'.

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