Monday, June 11, 2007

The Kyoto-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 9

Day 9 - Monday, June 4th

Kyoto had the biggest, frickin' strip mall ever. That damned place was never-ending and scary.

We mostly just hung out around the giant mall and had many good time meals. We also got presents for a lot of you peeps including checking out a music store for the latest in Japanese music. And oo! I found my boys MUSE and Arctic Monkeys on the second floor of Juegia CD store. Awww. Sorry. They make me happy. Stop judging.

Now on to the food because it was the great thing of the day!

The Day's Eats:

1. There was a squashed custard bun incident that I'm trying to forget.

2. Takoyaki

3. X, yep - we did a Sushi Conveyor Belt. Mmmm, we ate 14 plates of sushi with 2 to a plate for 1990 yen. Good times, right X?

4. And now for one of the best eats of the trip and certainly the most expensive meal - the Kobe steak. We had a five course meal that included grilled mushrooms that were fantastic but it was all about the Kobe. Beetchie says it melted in the mouth and it did. It really did. And for 115 dollars, that damned steak better have melted in the mouth!

That's the shoddy picture of the kobe. I was in a high class place, people, I couldn't exactly be flash-photographing the chef and the kobe like a stupid American.

Things We Observed and the WTF Moments - Volume VII:

1. If I hear Avril Lavigne one more time...I'll kick a Japanese person. They are obsessed with her and I cannot understand it for the life of me. Stupid ass, Japanese and their love of stupid Canadians.

2. Those Japanese like to keed. We found this store that claimed it had the funniest things from America. Either the Japanese don't know funny or are trying to rub it in our faces that we're not funny. I hardly find this amusing at all -

3. Beetchie ate the fugu. I actually pointed it out to her like the good friend that I am. She got high off of it.

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