Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Tokyo-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 4

Day 4 - Wednesday, May 30

I waited up or tried to until 12.55 AM to catch Death Note as it aired. I watched a few minutes and gathered that Near was freakin' out for some reason. That was cool for all of 5 minutes until I fell asleep. I so need to play catch up in that series. It's almost done and I'm three episodes behind! ::sigh:: That also reminds me, I can't wait to eat my L Death Note Chocolate Cake.

The Day of Cheap

This was the day I discovered that my ATM was not going to be working in Japan and all I had for money was the 1000USD I converted for food, travel and whatever else. Oh the love of the credit card until I see my bill.

And this was the day we were traumatized and it's something we'd rather not remember, yet I still took video footage...

We call it, "Sanrio Puro Land".

There was a boat ride, a ton of children, a kiddie show and pink. Lots and lots of pink and of course, Hello Kitty. Everywhere. We went to her house. That cat's living the good life and apparently loves to watch Britney Spears videos in her den. Odd. We also took pictures with the cat herself. She held my hand. I am still very confused and feel slightly sullied and unusual.

Here are some pictures and yes, a video of the boat ride (which shames me to admit was one of our finer Tokyo moments - alright, don't judge me!) so you guys can join in that madness we experienced not that you could ever understand.

No Sanrio related blog of mine would be complete without Badtz Maru!

Why didn't you guys ever tell me about that male kitty that Hello likes to hang out with? He's fantastic! And um, trapped in a cage. Ahahahahahahahaha. Whatever, he's still awesome.

And I thought this was a kids' show! This villain is the stuff of nightmares. Though, the entire Sanrio Puro Land is the stuff of nightmares really.

And the boat ride footage. Okay. It's 2.45 minutes long and not even the entire thing, so you don't have to watch it all. In fact, I can guarantee not many of you will sit through this thing. But as I said before, I actually liked this. It was confusing and cracked us the hell up:

Gen and Battler, I went for you guys and came out with some stuff for you and that's all that matters.

It was raining lots when we got out, so after Sanrio, we just walked about and visited another arcade. It wasn't Sega Joyopolis but it was a Sega Arcade World. We did the usual but then we also did some of the things all the girls are into over there - those damned picture poses with your friends. It was fun times but ridiculous.

We then hit up a department store in that area in search of a bag for the pigghies and found a grocery. There we got some fugu sake. It's gross. It has a little piece of fugu floating in it. It's Clownie's present and he can drink it at his own risk.

The WTF Moment of the Day:

1. On the Virtual Adventure Trip we had to Digimon Digital World ('cause you know, I love those Digimon to this day), why did we get sprayed with mysterious puffs of smoke?! It reminds me of that Bidet incident I need to blog about in a future post...

Things We Observed That Day - Volume IV:

1. If you ever need assistance at a ticket machine in the subway, it's the funniest thing. You hit the assistance button and out of no where, from the wall pops open this little trap door and a little Japanese guy will pop up and start talking to you. And then he'll prattle off something crazily, slide the trap door shut and come out from the magical room behind the ticket machines, invisible and unknown to all.

2. The Japanese love them a clear umbrella. For the love of crap, why couldn't I get one that'd fit in my suitcase?! I'm so sad.

The Day's Eats:

1. Onigiri - bacon, salmon, pickles, tuna roe.

2. Street Pork Bao. Mmm.

3. Wendy's - The worst chicken nuggets ever. I'm not even sure it was chicken at this point.

4. Beetchie had a blue flavoured popsicle, which she swears is the best flavour ever.

5. Mister Donut - it was unimpressive and kind of dry actually.

6. Gyoza chips and peach & orange wine coolers in a can.

The Obligatory Photo of the Day (I mean, I really couldn't just post about Sanrio Puro Land and not post a picture of the betch herself, right? Here she is with my boy):


  1. You didn't know about Dear Daniel? Yes, Kitty Chan's male counterpart. ^_^ The train ride looked great to me. I think that would be the best part. Yeah all the other stuff...kind of scary. Like all the things one would hate about Disney land.

  2. Dear Daniel?! Ahahahahaha. No wonder he got trapped in a cage. Ah. I love that cat. He's an ass.

    Ah yes, the boat ride was actually funny but everything else...::shudder::

    I've never been to Disney Land. You know the hate I have for that place.

  3. well if you have hate for Disney you should have never gone on the japanese rip off of "It's a Small World"...please tell me though, why was there spanking at the end?????

  4. Shady asian beetchieWed Jun 20, 10:05:00 PM 2007

    All I have to say is that asians have never seen anything that they weren't prepared to rip off, hence sanrio puroland boat ride and your collection of LV bags.

  5. *shocked face* what LV bags....I dunno what you speak of...unless you brought me back a Michael Kors black satchel....


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