Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Tokyo-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 1.5

Yes. Tokyo-Ho has returned.

Let the slew of blogs begin!

Day 1.5 - Saturday May 26 (New York Time)/Sunday May 27 (Tokyo Time)

We will start with the incident at the airport while waiting for our departing flight to Japan. Before I continue, it should be noted that you all should expect many 'incidents' because as you all know by now, when Beetchie and I are together, we have some mini and some not so mini-misadventures.

The incident involved Beetchie kicking a Japanese flight attendant, too polite to cry out in pain but could only utter a muffled "ya ta ta" while hopping on one foot. We're not sure though if Amy Winehouse the Flight Attendant lost that tooth due to meth. use or after she was kicked.

Japan Airlines, I must say, has crap in-flight entertainment (and not just because I almost destroyed my in-flight entertainment remote control by getting it stuck on the side and later on destroying my fingers trying to get it out). Being affiliated with American Airlines will probably do that to you though. And here's hoping that Virgin Atlantic does not screw me over come Thursday (after I boasted about it for months).

The food sucked and was questionable, and we're convinced gave me the belly heebie jeebies. Ugh, it was not good times.

As you can well imagine, getting off the near 14 hour gruelling flight of bad food, bad entertainment and broken sleep, with a heebie jeebie belly was not fun. And then to discover that the nearest bathrooms were Eastern style,

was also not fun.

We needed to find that Oakhotel Inn quickly while navigating the Subway system but thanks to a Subway Smart NYC kid Beetchie, we were able to get our bearings and find our way to the Oakhotel without much trouble.

Oakhotel Inn was cute. We now value the greatness of private bath so much more but we were still naive to that reality being that we had no idea how much that place spoilt us until Day 5 of the trip. More to come in that future blog post...

Quote of that Day:

"I'll get used to it..." - Or 2, everytime a train on the other track passed the limited express from Narita Airport. I'm not sure if I got used to the sound of another train 'hitting' our train as it passed by but if you heard that sound that came out of no where, you'd be unnerved as well.

Things We Observed in Japan - Volume I:

1. The multi-coloured roof tops of Japanese houses on the way from Narita Airport to Tokyo Central was very awesome. There's nothing wrong with a blue-roof.

2. The Japanese and their subway order. They have arrows pointing to what side you should be on when walking through the subway platforms. For instance, if you're going up the stairs, you should stay on the left. We of course, walked through people instead of with them and confused those poor Japanese greatly. "Stupid Americans!" is what I'm sure they were thinking.

3. The Japanese's insistence on staring at me because I'm brown. Beetchie thinks I may have confused them some with my asian features yet big, wavy hair. I especially didn't like that one little child who get staring at me. So he knew no better but still.  It was unnerving.

4. The toilets. The toilets had incredible flushing power which is always a concern for me. But not only that, they all have two settings for flushing! To the left for a big flush and to the right for smaller business. I always flushed to the left because of my fear of clogged toilets, even if my business was small.

5. Another toilet observation - the toilet paper's perforations are singled out at either 2 squares or 4 squares and never 1.

6. Beetchie smells like an Asian pear, which surprisingly smells just like watermelon jolly ranchers.

The Day's Eats:

We got our food ticket and paid for the meal out of a vending machine. Those things are quite popular and luckily for us they all had pictures on it so we had a fair idea of what we were in for.

I had fried pork cutlet and shrimp tempura with limitless access to rice, and miso soup.


  1. The adventures of the Ho-on-the-Go! Now we're all in the know!

    Jan said Cathay Pacific is a much better airline so if you ever have a choice between them and JA (short fo Japan Airlines or anything else that comes to mind) you know which way to go.

    I understand the toilets are a step up from those in Chinese and I think Indian public restrooms which, I am told, consist of a hole in the middle of the floor with zero flushability. There's usually a Western toilet or two in the international airports. However, EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

    They have the bi-flushing toilets in Ausie as well and I even found one in Trinidad once. Save the environment: don't rush the flush!

    As for the two chics sharing the bath, cue the cheezy saxophone music and let the good times roll. The Japanese definitely know how to have a good time! Lol!

  2. Ah toilets of the world. And here they are, shitting up my blog.


    Yes, always a grave concern to me are bathrooms. And thanks for the tip because you know, I was considering going to China.

    No fears, this is just Day 1.5 of the madness. Expect 13 more blogs headed your way.

    Aren't you fortunate?

    I'll comment on the cue to the saxophone music later...

  3. I love those vending machines. They are the best. I can't wait to actually experience one.

  4. vending machines are fantastic. You can never truly go thirsty in Japan unless of course, like me, your concern about getting to a western style toilet was grave.


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