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The Tokyo-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 6

Day 6 - Friday, June 1st.

We left the security of the Oakhotel Inn for our new digs in Akihabara. Ah yes, the Capsule Hotel. We got lost over there trying to find it and had the dude at the front desk run out to come get us. Luckily, we were close by so he didn't have to leave his post for long. We were only allowed to drop our bags off at that time so more on the Capsule sleeping situation later.

This day found us at Harajuku. Yes, MC and TD5, this shit is bananas. Yes. The one and same. And the girls were out in their sometimes ridiculous outfits. That place was crowded. Not much to say about Harajuku - Snoopy Town's over there, lots of clothing stores but oh, it was awful because you've got the punks on one street then the Japanese Hipsters on the other! Stupid hipsters... stupid no matter what the country.

We were accosted by some punks in Harajuku who were interested in Beetchie's Green Day shirt and we were shown pictures of Green Day themselves visiting that particular store we were in. Lots of musicians and such were there apparently. That was kind of cool. We tried to tell them to listen to Mindless Self Indulgence if they were looking for new music so we'll see if MSI catches on in Japan. You know, we have to do our part to rid of them of that awful J-Pop, much like I try every day to rid the U.S. of pop over here.

Beetchie also got a tattoo! Yep, a little wispy Japanese fart cloud. Uh, I mean regular cloud. It's pretty cool and caused her much paranoia and grief for a few days after but we think it's going to heal just fine. It's pretty cute.

We then headed over to Shinjuku where Beetchie attempted to find the gay district and a lesbian bar.

It was there I had a breakdown. And it's not that I was very sad but you know how when you start tearing, you just can't stop tearing if someone tries to ask you what's wrong? Well that happens to me. At this point in the trip, I felt that I had been in Tokyo forever. I missed home and I even missed my little boobey-head. So I broke down in a lesbian bar and what's worse, it was very tiny so of course, now all the lesbians in that bar probably think that Beetchie was breaking up with me.

But you guys saw my true plan right? I wasn't really sad. I was just trying to ensure that Beetchie didn't leave me stranded in Shinjuku by going off on a late night rendevouz with a Japanese lady she found!

Ah, yes. Crying. One of the best thwarting tactics around.

But H1's right, it wasn't fair because as she pointed out, if I had seen my man Matt or my Clown Hooligan boy Alex T. in Japan, I probably would have bailed on Beetchie. Heh. Well in my defense, I knew Alex was not going to be in Japan until August and Matt's currently preparing for Wembley Stadium!

We rushed to catch a train back to Aki. (the trains stop running after midnight) for our stay at the Capsule Hotel. Those things are sweet. It's not coffin-like because they're quite spacious. It's got a tv in there. My only complaint was that it's kind of hot and well, 'communal' showers suck. But the sleeping space itself is pretty awesome.

Catching some Zzzz's in the Capsule 809-

Now get me the fudge out of nyo!

WTF Moments of the Day:

1. Studio Cafe Strawberry.

It's one of many Maid Cafes in Akihabara and I couldn't take pictures or see the real thing in action but ugh.

Apparently for 500 yen we could dress up in a selection of ridiculous outfits and play games with the maids in three different settings. This particular cafe had the "School Classroom", the "Children's Playroom" and the "Doctor's Office".

Perverted? Thankfully we left right before a troop of guys came in. I wasn't sure if I was alright watching those little maids, complete in French Maid Outfits get on their knees to ask their 'masters' if they wanted anything off the menu. Ugh. So damned dirty. I feel so incredibly dirty typing that out.

Just like the dirty men going down the shady little staircase to the cafe:

2. Japanese and Hip-Hop do not mix. I don't know what their deal is but it's troubling.

Things We Observed This Day - Volume VI

1. Another toilet incident. This time, we went to use the tattoo parlour's bathroom, flushed the toilet and couldn't find the sink to wash our hands. But no! Trickery! Because as you flush the toilet, it triggers water to come out from the faucet attached to the top of the toilet! You'd think I'd be highly appalled but I was actually very fascinated by it. Beetchie on the other hand was disgusted.

The Incident of the Day:

1. The Failed Pachinko Experiment.

One of the main things Beetchie wanted to do was play Pachinko. That night we met Hattori Hanzo and the band of Japanese business men, one of them who was quite the avid player of Pachinko we gathered, had said to us that as a minimum we should put down 30,000 yen at a machine. We...were confused and informed him that 300 USD was quite a bit and our cap was maybe 1000 yen or 10 USD.

That Friday in Aki., we discovered what the hell the man was talking about. For 1000 yen, we got two balls. Two. Two silver balls in that slot machine is about as valuable as a baconless hamburger.

Now let us never speak about it again.

The Day's Eats:

1. Tonkatsu Sandwich; Turkey/Cheese Sandwich from our good, close friend in Japan - Lawsons, which is like a Seven Eleven.

2. Chocolate bagel with white chocolate chips; Soy & Edamame Bagel

3. Pizza Bao

4. Banana, Vanilla Ice-Cream, Whipped Cream and Chocolate Sauce Crepe

5. Cheese Bacon Bread which tasted like a cheese paste sandwich and this is my reminder to ask H1 to make me some cheese paste with bacon in it.

6. Chicken Hot Dog

7. Some kind of honey drizzled dessert that I can't quite recall right now. And some sort of refreshing beverage from the same maid cafe... lemonade? grapefruit drink? I don't remember.

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