Monday, June 11, 2007

The Tokyo-Ho to Kyoto-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 7

Day 7 - Saturday, June 2nd

Well this was fairly exciting!

We traveled on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto. The usual 8 hour trip by regular rail was only 2.5 hours on the Shinkansen.

The Shinkansen was not only super fast but also super quiet. It was quite amazing how smooth a ride it was. But while fast and impressive, that couldn't stop noisy little bastard children from invading our car. We would be the ones to get the noisiest children in Japan. There's nothing worse than a train riddled with brats, save the one bitchy fat assed baby who sat in his own chair and grimaced like nobody's business. Damned future Yakuza.

Misadventure number 1 of Kyoto was finding our Ryokan. We eventually found it by following a kind old lady who lead us to the place but not before accosting a plain clothed police officer? We're not sure what he was but he was awesome and his accent was awesome. He could have been from Osaka. He managed to help us some, even if all he did was direct us to an old lady after 15 minutes of listening to his prattling off about something. He wouldn't let us go for a while there.

The Ryokan was nice and was run by Yumiko, a woman we did not want to mess with.

Bad shot of our room -

And then came the communal bath which was quite sketchy. I tried to make a pact with Beetchie, who refused to shower the same time I wanted to until of course, she had to go clean her tattoo and begged me to come with her.

The WTF Moment of the Day:

For some reason the toilets were quite smelly. We later discovered that was due to mildew but man, was that nasty everytime we had to use the bathroom.

The Day's Eats:

1. Pork and rice for breakfast, salmon and rice for breakfast minus the natto this time.

2. Shrimp Fillet sandwiches laden with onions and potato salad sandwiches also laden with onions.

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