Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Tokyo-Ho Japan Chronicles - Day 5

Day 5 - Thursday, May 31st

We set out to the Tokyo Sea Life Park. I was expecting more sharks but otherwise, it was pretty decent. The space itself was nice and the displays were alright. I guess the big deal was the tuna exhibit, which I suppose was rather impressive. Those things are huge and scary. I've decided if I need to get a true Aquarium experience, I'd have to have H1 take me to see Marvin at The Shed Aquarium. Also, I can visit the Sunshine Aquarium on the next trip to Japan.

Anyways, look at them mean ass tuna!

After a billion photos taken at the aquarium, we headed over to Akihabara - Anime, Video Game and Manga Central.

We were quite happy to see this here building in true anime/gamers nerdy fashion:

However, after waiting all our short little anime lives (which really isn't that short - what's it going on for you now, Beetchie? 12 years?) to hit up this place/Electric Town, we found it to be kind of sad. We didn't find goods that we really wanted from our various anime series and what's worse, all the cool toys that we would have wanted all had release dates pegged after our trip to Japan, ie on Tuesday the 12th of June or September!

They rob me of the new anime love of my life, L! Those rat bastards.

So now I'm off on a mission to find the mini 5 piece chibi "L" figure collection that I want badly (and isn't out yet but already sold out over there), the new Bleach Soundtracks which come out in a few weeks, and my "Knights of the Round" Final Fantasy VII figure set.

Am I a nerd? Yes. Do I care what Frass has to say about it? No. I care about nothing Frass has to say and no Frass, no matter what you think, I am not Rosie O' Donnell and it is not a coincidence that she went off The View the same time I was out of the U.S. You insult me, and yet I still get you presents from Japan. But as I discussed with MC, your present is not one of meaning unlike his. Anyway, I'll give it to you when I see you next.

The UFO Catchers pretty much kicked our asses that day save the Kon and Ryuk plushies we acquired but oh was Beetchie angry by that L plush that escaped her. No worries though, she owned it the day after.

Things We Observed in Japan - Volume V.

1. Tokyo's one noisy place. Everytime you enter a store, every worker will greet you and bid you farewell when you're leaving. The constant babbling makes me wonder if they feel incredibly tired and have dry throats by the end of the day.

*2. Exactly how things might look if we were to use an Eastern Style Toilet...

The Day's Eats:

1. Japanese black curry with beef. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. If there's one thing the Japanese do not know about, it's curry. Ugh.

2. Hamburg Steak with rice and fries. The Hamburg tasted like frozen meatballs. Bleck.

3. Sukiyaki, a chain restaurant provided us with more bad Japanese curry. It was pork this time but not black but that really didn't matter.

4. This day began the string of Takoyaki eating that Beetchie set out to do. Those little octopus filled flour batter balls made her happy. They were good but I was never really hungry when she ate them despite her theory that I hate them.

Obligatory Photo Post of Ugly Fish For Beetchie:

*To protect our identities, since we do have enemies floating about on the internet, I will be inserting wacom-drawn bao heads where I deem appropriate. They are not loads of poop with stink lines. They are pork bao with steam lines. Please do not judge my drawings.

remember, b-a-o-s.

a like so:


  1. Wish she had a bao right now, beetchieWed Jun 20, 09:46:00 PM 2007

    I must say though that aquarium had an awfully nice collection of sea cows. No, not the hated manitee, but the fish. Man I heart them ugly ugly sea cows. And yes them tuna's were awfully scury.

    I guess the "bao which does look rather like a turd" head is appropriate, because I have a "pumpkin on a noodle" head and you have round asian head. That being said, did you HAVE to post the eastern toilet demonstration pic?

  2. Yes. The demonstration pic was highly necessary.

    I do not have a round head! Do I?


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