Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to Hatsuhana

A few weeks ago, H1 and I went to Hatsuhana on 48th for Restaurant Week.  After hearing it was good, Luuuiiiiisssss wanted to go to partake in the $35 share of awesome times as well.  We decided that on Friday, we would bring little Boohead in to the city for an afternoon of fun with stops made to the Lego Store and Nintendo World, ending it with dinner at Hatsuhana.

Having already had the samples of the Restaurant Week Menu, H1 and I opted to do something a little bit different.

Sadly, the Box of Dreams was not within reach because H1 was not that hungry.  The bento of nine sushi extravaganza offerings would have to wait for another time.

The one thing that sucked at our first adventure was that I did not feel comfortable taking pictures at the restaurant.  H1 and I used our camera phones instead and those pictures were not very appealing.  This time, I asked our cutie waiter (same as last time!) if we could take pictures of the food.  As long as we weren't spies, he said it was okay.  Funny!

Even though I assured him we were not, please do not expect great pictures anyway.  Ha.  Sorry?

For H1's pick, she had their regular pre-fixe menu.  It came with a choice of miso soup or salad, seven pieces of sushi with her choice of two rolls, and a choice of ice-cream for dessert.  H1 chose a spicy tuna roll and a yellowtail with chives roll.

The blurry bit is the soy sauce bowl.

I'm a freaking mess, yes.
Boohead's miso soup
That kid loves miso soup.  How cool of him.  I did not like it only until about four years ago.
I did not take pictures of Luuuiiiiisssss' food except a bad one of his appetizer.  I just can't get one of those, can I??!?

Though look at that gorgeous colour on that Tazmanian Ocean Trout
For my meal, I chose the Sushi Deluxe.  Ten pieces of sushi chosen by the chef of the day's best, plus my choice of roll which was a spicy yellow tail.

To begin with though, I really wanted the Lobster Tempura.  I almost forgot to order it.  That was a crisis averted because that lobster was some great, crispy, tasty times.  Most things fried are, yes, that is true.  This was nice and airy with the entire lobster tail for my eating.  Well, I did share and it looks like BooHead almost did me in.

That kid takes food out of my mouth!

If only the shell was battered and fried, I'd probably eat that too.  Muwahaha.  Just kidding.

I know it doesn't look like much but it sure was tasty.

a close up of the pepper on the plate

it was a tempura pepper, so I ate it! and it was not hot.  So sad.
the chef chose all manners of sushi for me to eat.  The usuals were there - tuna, yellowtail

urchin (which was so creamy and yummy like the last time)

ded salmon babies, uh....roe.  salty goodness.

and then some other things not picture sadly.  This here is the seared tuna.  Ooo.  But what I really wanted to show but  cannot was the scallop.  So silky smooth on taste it was.  I want a piece now!

King Crab roll.  See the wasabi? Yeah, that was my one set back.  There was too much of it.  Too MUCH! It almost killed me.  Still.  Yum.

And the most beautiful piece - the fatty tuna.  Oh toro, why must our meetings be so infrequent? Oh, it's 'cause you're a pricey bitch? Oh.  Okay, then.
Spicy yellowtail roll.  You know, I actually found a bone.  YES! a bone! I think that...non-Japanese trainee person made this one.  Hmph.

For dessert!

A seal!

And a bird!

alright, so maybe it was actually mochi ice-cream

Green Tea, Mango and Strawberry

With chocolate sauce and some powdered sugar?

Mango, very good but I surprisingly liked the strawberry better
by the time I got to the green tea, it was melting and the mochi skin was too sweet.  At least I didn't choke on some mochi.

oooo, and what's this cutie thing?
Something BH could not have but I'm sure X would love.  Plum Wine Jelly with plum.  Oh man, that was a concentrated slap of fantastic.
I would just like to note that Boobey had vanilla ice-cream because he's not allowed to have mochi, what with it being a choking hazard.  I probably should not eat it either but this was not a dense block of it.

Happy and full, we left Manhattan and headed home.  It was another mostly successful trip to Hatsuhana and we would not be going any time soon.  Though if we have visitors and they would like to go, we'll take you Visitors! Maybe not you, X.  You may not be ready for sushi yet.

I also snagged the opportunity to take close-ups of our friends in the window at Hatsuhana, all decked out for early Spring! Say hi to our friends!!!!

They're all together again! Yay!

Uh, what? Who are these beasts?

I see there may have been a bit of a fight.  Who scratched you pussy cat? Was it the black one?! Or the brown one?!

Ah, flowers.  Sakura.  Spring.  Hey, H1, should we go to the Cherry Blossom Festival this year?

The face of innocence.  I doubt he scratched the white cat. 

You on the other hand... a tad smug on the face, I see.

Hi Hoot Hoot.  Don't give me the hand like that.  Oh no, don't you be talking to me so familiar like!
And... how.  xxx-rated.  What sort of animal house is THIS?!
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  1. What gave you the impression you weren't allowed to take photos? I always take photos when I'm out to eat. I don't even try to hide it.

  2. I don't know...for higher end places (not that I think Hatsuhana truly is higher end, not at all) I feel a bit more reluctant to take out the camera. That's just me I guess. We'll see what I do tomorrow. Going to Cipriani Dolci in Grand C. While I'm not loving their offerings for Restaurant Week, one of our friends is okay with the menu. Ah, middle ground.

    Anyway, I'll try to take photos tomorrow and not be camera wary!


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