Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Animal Uprising at the Bronx Zoo: Part II with Our Scaly Brethren, Some Birds and a Misrepresentation of Madagascar

When you last left the HOchieS, they were headed towards the den of some bears after hurrying out of vicinity of the Baboon Cafe where trouble was a-brewing.

After making a narrow escape from crushing hugs and not partaking in honey, we found ourselves at the Reptile House.

It was there we found some anxious turtles and witnessed a turtle throwdown.

My bets were on the one on the left but he completely withdrew into his shell after being threatened.  I felt sorry for my little friend as we had spent some quality time together before when he came up to the glass for food.  Or a finger.  I'm not quite sure.
The mini-frogs were having a bit of a staring contest of their own, and others were just plain going nuts.  Seriously, all signs of the Animal Uprising were ever-present.

what stare down, you may ask?
That one.

This blue jerk kept moving away from me when I wasn't looking.
H1 was particularly fond of this little fellow.
Past the frogs were the enclosures for the crocodiles and alligators.  I'm a fan of the Nile Crocodile.  Other than honey badgers and komodo dragons, I have an affection for crocodiles.  In my next life, I'll be a Nile Crocodile - destined to struggle and die during multiple cycles of drought as in the tragic but fantastic documentary by National Geographic.  If you have no idea what I speak of, you need to go find that documentary as soon as possible.  To think, I was much nerdier than I am now.

Anyway, a part from dying a sad death by the hands of the Cosmic Owl, I think being a crocodile would be a sweet ride up until that point.  Although, I could be confusing my want of being a crocodile to my want of being a Why Wolf.  I have no idea why you lot have not watched Adventure Time yet.

Why I am not a fan of alligators is beyond me.  Maybe they're just not as cute or something and plenty scary.  On this trip to the zoo, the baby alligators were eyeballing me and swimming closer to where I stood.  They were menacing.

Well I had to stare at you because your butt was blue.  I was curious!
Stop that.
closer they came.
too close!
As if the piercing eyes of alligators was not enough for us, we ran into the bad attitude of a tree hugging bastard.

Okay, I'm leaving now.
Spooked, we figured there could be not much harm in visiting some pink birds.  Behind the Dancing Crane Cafe is a wooden walkway much like a deck that gives a view of the flamingos out on the river.  They're usually rather unimpressive to us but this day, they looked pretty nice under the blue sky and amongst the dirty water.  Yep.

Dancing cranes but not pink flamingos, honest.
We then thought we could probably go calm our nerves some more by visiting the Butterfly Garden (how harmless can those little monsters be?) but that exhibit, along with a couple others including the Asian Monorail Tour and the Children's Petting Zoo were closed.  What was not closed was the stink of the Children's Petting Zoo though.  Phew! Man, those goat channas are strong smelling.

Instead, we wandered into the Madagascar exhibit where all that stuff about cartoon animals turned out to be a lie.  A LIE, I say!

There were none of those in there!

Eh.  I could be mistaken.  I never actually saw all of the movies.

If I had a problem with baby alligators staring at me, then I had a super problem with this hell of a beast.  Though, no.  It was pretty frigging cool - being behind glass and all.  Though I've played Resident Evil and when those things get out of their tanks, it's frightening.

Probably one of my favourite pictures taken that day.  the top of the crocodile and its reflection.

and the scariness that lurks beneath the water.
One of the last sights I saw at the Madagascar exhibit was this weird, cute little thing.  The knowing eyes of animals always gets me although truthfully he seemed a little bit dim.  Though perhaps, that was the face he put on because he thought it was one I would understand, being of the dim persuasion myself.

No really, look at how intelligent and all-knowing those eyes are.  I felt stupid.
Even being harrassed by a friend did nothing to get rid of the gaze.
Stay tuned for Part III.

Currently listening to: "Bait and Switch" by The Shins.  I can't wait to buy this album, even if more than half of The Shins are no more.  Though I guess reservations should be in order.

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