Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Animal Uprising at the Bronx Zoo: Part I with Peacocks, Lions, Bears, A Baboon Cover-up and Crazy Gods.

There was something definitely going on at the Bronx Zoo this past Saturday.

From restless animals to the questionable findings of a mysterious substance which can only be described as evidence from a suspected scene of a crime, H1 and I were fearful for our lives.

Along the way through many of the exhibits, we managed to capture some decent pictures of the animals.  Please feel free to click the images to enlarge and join us for a visual aid to the Animal Uprising.

Looks like an exciting adventure!
The day started off okay.  We shared a mini Irish breakfast which we wolfed down in the car but it was upon leaving the car in the Asia Parking Lot at the Zoo that we discovered we were being stalked.

As I made note the last time, peacocks go wherever the heck it is they feel like going.  They may be found in every exhibit roaming about like nobody's business.  If not for a fear of getting pecked to death, I probably could have gotten my macro lens out and got an extreme close up.  But you know what was probably the most offending thing of all? This peacock clearly did not find me attractive because it did not flash its tail feathers at me.  Well! I'll have you know that the only ugly duckling around here is you, buddy.  It's not me! ::sniff:: it's...not...me.

After a daring escape from the parking lot, we made our way over to the African centric portion of the zoo where we saw some deer, more peacocks who were quite vocal and loud and an even louder lion.

Interestingly enough, the lion enclosure is right next to a deer enclosure.  H1 and I suspect that during the night, they may toss some deer into the lion's pit for fun.  It's not as if there's a shortage of deer at that place.  What?! We thought it might be funny.

There was this guy hiding out, making it like I did not see him.  You do see him, right?

Do you see a shortage?

The King was being an ass.  Though, I know who's really king and it's crocodiles.  Yeaauuuhhh! And I can say this now because no lion jumped their pit to show me what's what.
At this point, we realized that the animals were awfully active.  Some may say that was due to the virtual end of Winter (one that never really came for NYC, truly) but we know it was whatever suspicious activity that went on at the secret path near the Baboon Cafe...

Monkey heads...
Curious red...liquid...b-blood?! And the apparent attempt at washing away the evidence?!?!
A hidden coca cola truck near the African village?! Oh wait, that was just inspired by The Gods Must Be Crazy (one of the greatest movies of all time that everyone should watch, by the way)
After bearing witness to some shadiness, it was abundantly clear that we needed to leave the area immediately.

And so, we moved on like there was nothing to see there and found sanctuary near some bears.

Yes, I felt so secure.
They enter the water butt first.  Funny.
Uh, not that I was laughing at you, bear.
or your wet, bare ass.  Aahahahaha. 
I was definitely not laughing...what with so many of you around.
Indeed, it was not our smartest move but we were ushered there in some twisty, dangerous plot set forth in motion by whatever atrocities and conspiracy we had unearthed.

Stay tuned for Part II.

Currently listening to: "Nothing Can Be Explained" (vocal version) by Mike Wyzgowski, from the Bleach Original Soundtrack.


  1. That peacock knew you were out of his league, is all.

    The bears might be onto something with this butt-first bathing. On the other hand, it might be too akin to falling into the toilet... we should commission a study.

    I wish I could have gone a zoo photo adventure. A very nice haul of pics, and only part one! Were these taken with your kit lens? Did you resolve the vignetting issue?

    1. Oh is that what it was? I don't know man, that peacock was full of attitude.

      I'll scrape together some pennies I've got in the piggy jar for the commission funds. Think we'll get far?

      I have not resolved the vignetting issue and heard some weird clicks when I tried to force the lens to do what it should be doing. It still works though so I'm not overly concerned at the moment. And yes, all pictures were taken with the kit lens.


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