Sunday, May 10, 2009


Assaulted for a week by ugly, and for what (for the second time by the same offenders)?

This girl honestly thought we were asking to take pictures of her because we were impressed by her jacket.

If not for her being so damned smug, I would have felt slightly sorry for taking a picture only to make fun, but since she was a biatch then I just feel slightly sorry...for myself, my camera eye and H1.

Also, you can't see the entire sign (click the picture to see it clearly) but it said "California Girls Got The Right Stuff".

This girl - Californian or not, she clearly believes that she's got the right stuff.

Currently: Waiting for my meat pie to finish baking.


  1. I cannot believe. I waited this long. and this is the shart you blogged about. NKOTB?!?!?! WTF?!?!? DO I have to see this for a week like the damn hippies post?!?! ARRRGH!!!!!!

  2. Stop judging our blogging and start judging NKOTB fans.


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