Sunday, May 24, 2009

Redeeming Our Good Name at Kenka: Adventures of the St. Marks Kind, Part I

Last Saturday was a good day.

Last August, around the 13th was not.

It was fun times seeing Beetchie (Yay! Summer break!) and she successfully completed her 2nd full year at Vet School.

In fact, Beetchie and I had a pretty great meal and an afternoon/evening full misadventures.

It sounds very suspect and we're just hoping that no build of negative energy is trying to happen again like that day in June back in 2006 when the bakery in Brooklyn exploded.

We went to Barnes and Noble, Pet Co., Kenka, Toy Tokyo and got cream puffs from Beard Papa.

It's all the great things we usually do when we hang out at Union Square and St. Marks.

Of course, Kenka was involved and I am pleased to report that a repeat of the Taro and Raw Squid Incident did not occur.

Thank goodness for that.

We started out with the Angler Liver.

For me, it was a little bit too strong on the fishy-ness but add some garlic and even the not-so-scallion-tasting scallion and it was amazing. It was very smooth.
Beetchie rather enjoyed it on first bite and even more so when she later discovered that we did the Angler an unkindness by eating it. We were unaware that it is on a Watch List...trying to be protected from the Japanese. Of course, the Japanese. And us.

Next we had Neck of Yellowtail which was quite good. Beetchie had fun with the fatty bits on the bone.

Grilled beef intestines are always yummy times and this set was extra so because it was quite laden with the seasoning that just stuck to it.

The Kimchee Udon was a little bit of a disappointment but not like the disappointment to come but still, I like udon so I was okay with it and then Beetchie gave me like the only bit of fatty pork in there because she hearts me:

We sat around hungry and ordered more.

Knowing fully well that this is always a bad idea, we sat around and became less hungry.

When those two dishes came, well it was over for us.

It also was not cool that Kenka put cheese spring rolls on the menu and when they came out, they were tiny bits of fried spring roll skin wrapped around as Beetchie called it, string cheese:

And then! How could one go wrong with fried pork on a stick, right? Somehow, that managed to be bad. I was already full but sticking very-much-tasting-like-a-killer-onion onion in between the tonkatsu...HIDDEN, in the tonkatsu will do me in. And it did:

So, we may have gotten a little over confident by our successes and then got effed over but we still had a pretty good meal and it was not near a total loss.

Beetchie and I even got new T-shirts! The staff (all changed...wha'?) were wearing new company shirts that were so cool that we had to get some too.

Luckily for us, they do in fact sell their shirts and also, our little Japanese guy assured us that it did not say "I am an asshole" on it.

We'll see if that's the truth if we wear it in Tokyo sometime and we get whispered and "oho ho ho ho'd" about.

Oh yeah, and it's becoming a regular thing but my cotton candy was bigger than Beetchie's again.

Memorable Quote of the Evening:

While eating my cotton candy, man on street says to me: It's still not better than Coney Island.

Well, really I don't know what he was talking about because a. it was grape flavoured and b. there is no more Coney Island. Bwahahahaha.

Update: Scrap the talk of no misadventure! Apparently, Union Square was full of bees! You know what means, they followed us... let us not speak of this to anyone.


May 24, 10:47 AM EDT

Buzz off! Bee swarm traps workers in NY game store

NEW YORK (AP) -- Thousands of bees swarmed outside a New York City game store, trapping employees inside for hours.

Worried employees looked out the window of the Manhattan store while talking on the phone as the bees clustered Saturday afternoon. A sign in the window warned: "Look! ... closed due to bee infestation."

Most passers-by avoided the GameStop store near Union Square, one of the city's busiest shopping areas. But Edward Albers tried to help. Dressed in regular clothes, he lured many bees into a box without getting stung.

Eventually, police bee specialist Tony Planakis arrived in protective gear and used the scent of a queen bee to collect the rest of them.

The store has reopened. The bees are being taken to hives upstate.

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